From the Shotgun Formation: What’s the response as a QB? – Week 9 NFL Season 2021

The number 1 priority of all NFL teams is finding their franchise QB, but… what is the option? On top of that the unbeaten ones in the league are over, the Lions still winless and other things from week 8, all from the Shotgun Formation.

How many teams have the answer?

Week by week they talk about the same thing. It is the central theme in the NFL Draft of any year. It is the first reason given for the malfunction of a computer. Come on, we’ve all said it: “this team needs to solve the QB issue.” The question this week is: how many teams have actually done it?

Week 8 of the 2021 NFL Season brought extremely surprising results, and in three of them there were backup quarterbacks winning their respective games: Mike White led the Jets to beat the Bengals, Trevor Siemian came in for the injured Jameis Winston and helped out. defeating the Buccaneers and Cooper Rush won his first game as a starter on Sunday night.

The most interesting thing about all this is that, after the triumph of White and the Jets, questions began about the future of the QB position in New York. Indeed, there were those who asked Robert Saleh if he is going to contemplate sitting down Zach Wilson (the second overall pick in the past draft) to drop White in the job. Isn’t Wilson supposed to be this team’s project for the future? So why start with doubts from week 8?

The big problem is that, in reality, few teams are clear about their situation.

If we make a list of teams that have a clear plan for the next five years, we could say that Cowboys, Rams, Cardinals, Bills, Bengals, Titans, Chiefs and Chargers would answer that they do know very clearly what the plan is, and that is to follow with his current QB. Other teams such as the Browns or Ravens are in the process of deciding whether or not to extend their QB (Baltimore must do it as soon as possible) and many others (Jaguars, Patriots, Bears, 49ers and the Jets themselves) are just beginning a process and it is very soon. to know what will happen. That gives 15 teams.

The NFL has 32 franchises. That means that, within those 17 remaining teams, there are some that have the problem solved in the short term, but with doubts in the near future (Packers, Buccaneers, Seahawks), they have a more or less adequate option (Vikings, Falcons , Raiders) or flatly are thinking about what they are going to do with this position.

Come on, a single party is causing a franchise that is questioning its decisions on this issue. The QB position is the most important in football, there is no doubt about that, but there comes a time when some teams need to take an extra second, relax, and give themselves a little time to try to better understand their situation. That could be, initially, the best solution.

Quick impressions from Week 8

This week several things happened: the Cardinals lost undefeated, the Lions are a long way from winning the first and the Saints continue to control Tom Brady (although in the regular season). Within everything we saw, this is what caught my attention the most:

1. Total madness. Remember I told you last week that the AFC was crazy? Well, the Jets’ victory confirms that belief. Robert Saleh’s team has two victories on the season and these came against two teams that seem headed for the postseason. And these Jets are the same ones that received 54 from the Patriots, who, in turn, come from defeating the Chargers. One thing is for sure: the competition at this conference will be very entertaining because it is impossible to predict how things will turn out in the end.

2. They are still breathing. Triumphs for the Broncos, Seahawks and Panthers keep them alive in the postseason fight, but it’s clear none of them are in a good time. In fact, all three have to be thankful that their rivals did even less to win the games.

3. Very interesting. Right now three teams are 7-1 in the NFC: Packers, Cardinals and Rams. The interesting thing is that Arizona’s only loss is to Green Bay, and the Rams’ only loss came against the Cardinals. It will be very striking to see how this competition progresses, especially when there are such clear direct tie-breaks.

The things that I think I know

After what happened in the eighth week of the 2021 NFL Season, here are some things I think I know:

1. Officer. If you ask me, this is my list of coaches on the hot seat after eight weeks: Kyle Shanahan (49ers), Matt Nagy (Bears), Vic Fangio (Broncos) and Brian Flores (Dolphins). They are all having disappointing seasons and it seems like it will take a miracle for each of them to save the job.

2. Not yet. I think it’s more than proven that if there’s one team that we can’t rule out so early in the season, it’s the Steelers. This week they gave one of the great surprises by beating the Browns and sending them to the bottom of the AFC North.

3. I have it more than clear. If there is something that I am totally clear at the moment, it is that I have no idea how the Top 5 of our Power Rankings should look. That’s something I need to think about calmly between now and Wednesday.

Thinking about the MNF

The cure for your ills? The Chiefs come into this game as one of the great disappointments of the season, and it seems that their current rival, the New York Giants, are the perfect option for them to recover from everything that has gone wrong. New York doesn’t have a number of its important pieces on offense, so that should help the Kansas City defense. Needless to say, a loss for the Chiefs would put them on an extremely complex downward spiral, and would give a series of very striking stories. But I doubt that will happen.

I think the offensive power of the Chiefs and the absences in New York are a perfect mix for an uninteresting game. I’m going with Kansas City, 31-14.

the song of the week

Mike White, Trevor Siemian and Cooper Rush won games this week. So it’s normal to wonder who all of them are, and that’s why we use this song:

It was definitely the day the “strangers” won in the NFL.

Talking about college football

Every week there are many things to talk about college football, so we open a space to do that. Let’s see what was the most striking thing about this day in the NCAA:

1. More of the same. Michigan entered this week’s game undefeated and with the possibility of establishing itself as a contender in the Big Ten. The problem is that this team relived what they have faced since Jim Harbaugh has been their head coach: many expectations and painful results against their main rivals. Michigan State came back from a 16-point deficit in the second half to beat the Wolverines 37-33. Kenneth Walker has scored five rushing times and remains a clear favorite for the Heisman Trophy, especially after rushing for 197 yards in this encounter.

2. Second in a row. A few weeks ago Iowa was undefeated and was second in the rankings. Today things are very different, since after losing the undefeated with Purdue comes a second loss, now against Wisconsin. The Badgers provoked three exchanges in the first half and had six sacks, limiting the Hawkeyes to 24 rushing yards in the game. At the moment Iowa (6-2) has to solve several problems, starting with being 3-2 in games against Big Ten rivals.

3. They keep up. Georgia was beating Florida 3-0 about to enter at halftime, but the Gators delivered the ball three times in the final 2:35 of the second quarter, a situation that passed a very close game in a 24-0 lead for the Bulldogs With the game basically settled thanks to that brainstorming, Georgia didn’t have to do much in the second half and they ended up winning 34-7 to remain the best team in the NCAA and clear title contenders.

The data of the week

When you think you’ve seen all kinds of data, take a second and look at this:

The “did you see how he jumped?” of the week

If you follow the contents of Primero y Diez on video, you will know that the “Did you see how he jumped?” is a very popular expression. And here it applies perfectly:

The “Wentz moment” of the week

Just last week Carson Wentz gave us an incredible moment against the 49ers. Well, he decided to continue with that theme and gave us another, now in front of the Titans:

The “What ?!” moment of the week

Justin Fields has struggled adjusting to the NFL, but this week he showed his athletic potential with this touchdown:

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From the Shotgun Formation: What’s the response as a QB? – Week 9 NFL Season 2021