The unbridled race for Endrick: offer from PSG, immediate response from Real Madrid…

ANDndrick turned 16 in July. He has been talking about him for twelve months. He will not be able to play in Europe until the 2024-2025 season. No matter. His signing will be decided in the coming weeks. The unbridled race for the Palmeiras striker has already begun and the outcome looms urgently. Three warm-up times and forty-five minutes in a row have been enough for him to reaffirm what he sees competing with his equals, that is, in the brazilian there is a soccer player. Time will tell whether to be a star or a reference, but his signing will be as such even if he does not stop being a childlooking like a great footballer, yes.

Fourth game surrounded by professionals and Endrick’s first goalin addition to clearly influencing the game of a team like palm treesthat fight to win the Brasileirao and that with the help of the young footballer he defeated 1-3 the Paranaense Athleticnothing more and nothing less than a finalist in the Copa Libertadores.

Endrick scores his first professional goal at the age of 16 and breaks a 106-year record

There is a rush around the Palmeiras striker. It sounds strange with only 16 years, but it is the reality of today’s football. The times have advanced and there is no place for the period of formation of a promise. It goes from nothing to everything. The stars are with 18 years and players like Haaland, Vinicius, Rodrygo or Ansu Fati are born with the obligation to be without having matured. And they don’t always succeed.

That urgency comes with that of “If we don’t sign it, someone else will come and do it”. Endrick’s case is no exception. The PSG they say he’s already done one offer of 20 million euros, just half of what the leaders of Palmeiras intend to earn. The question is clear. Is there a reaction from Real Madrid? Immediate you can say.

The white club has been studying the operation since Endrick’s parents were in Madrid last season. They stepped on Valdebebas, the Bernabu and what they found was to their liking. Since that visit, the white club has been to Brazil twice, watching, observing and studying everything that happens around the Brazilian. Next week the striker will have two new exams against Fortaleza and Cuiaba. Everyone look at the striker of… 16 years.

Endrick eats the world in 13 minutes: assistance, two chances and suffocating pressure

Those early reports are positive. The consequence comes in the form of a clear and direct message: “If we believe that it is going to be what it aims for, we have to sign it”. They are on it. It remained to be seen the answer with professionals in front and the test has been passed. In the following days, Real Madrid, knowing that what the family saw during the visit to Madrid was positive and that the footballer likes the possibility, they are going to transfer an offer to Palmeiras to ensure the signing of Endrick, who will never arrive at Real Madrid before 2024.

The ‘problem’ with Haaland

This goal is pure Haaland: snatched from midfield and…

The player, his family and the representation company, the same as Vinicius, had a clear starting point: ‘They will not sign for the club that has Haaland on their payroll’. They have nothing against the Norwegian, but by the time Endrick can land in Europe, Haaland will have just turned 24, that is, the whole future ahead. One and the other move in the same position, which is none other than center forward.

That was a starting point of any compromise. They consider that once the striker is in Europe what he needs is to finish training, adapt to football from the old continent and that can only come with minutes and confidence. The idea leaves no room for doubt. Both the family and the agents (TFM company) take maximum care of the still young footballer. His running and all his steps are being measured to the maximum.

Real Madrid signed Vinicius in May 2017 when he was two months short of his 17th birthday. Until July 2018 he could not join the discipline of the Madrid team. Rodrygo signed for the white club a year later. The operation closed in June 2018, when the then Santos forward was 17 years old, having to wait until 2019 to make the jump to Santiago Bernabu. Both of them debuted with Flamengo and Santos at the age of 16, but their first goal came when they were 17, a year after the new jewel of Brazilian football.

Haaland has become the reference for many. All teams are looking for that new striker to break it, making a mistake. There will be no other like the lys players who show their characteristics and who can be equally valid for first level teams.

The City striker made his first Norwegian debut at the age of 15 at the Bryne in May 2016. 16 games without a goal. Curious. In February 2017 he signed for Molde, scoring his first goal in his debut with his new team on June 4, 2017, at the age of 16 and almost eleven months. In the Norwegian team he lasted two seasons before becoming part of the Red Bull Salzburg squadteam with which he debuted in February 2019. A year later he arrives at Borussia Dortmund with 19 years and in exchange for 20 million euros.

Last summer he became a new player in the Manchester City in exchange for 75 million euros. Clause or not, everything indicates that it is, its price from the summer of 2024 will be 200 million euros and many others in salary, for a player who rose to fame in 2019 in a Youth World Cup after achieving seven goals against Honduras and that since then has not stopped scoring in Molde, the Red Bull Salzburg, Borussia Dortmund and now at City.

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The unbridled race for Endrick: offer from PSG, immediate response from Real Madrid…