Viral video: Ja Morant’s spectacular play in the win against Curry’s Warriors

what of Jamal Morant on the NBA it’s definitely serious. After a spectacular regular season, the point guard memphis continues to demonstrate all his quality and skill in the Playoffs, and this Tuesday he returned to teach with the best of his style, in the Grizzlies’ 106-101 victory over Golden State from Stephen Curry. Look … Read more

Carlos Delgado supports Carlos Correa’s move to the Minnesota Twins

signature of Carlos Correa with the Minnesota Twins it was unexpected, particularly because it was speculated that any club interested in the services of the Puerto Rican shortstop would have to submit an offer starting at a 10-year commitment and above $300 million to capture his attention. Correa, however, reached an agreement to play with … Read more

Why letting Devers go might be a good move for the Red Sox?

Before going on hiatus in the offseason, baseball’s owners basically smashed every button in the arcade. The Rangers spent more than $500 million on their middle infield. The Mets guaranteed future Hall of Famer Max Scherzer more than $40 million a year. The Rays signed wunderkind Wander Franco for the rest of his 20 years. … Read more

Seattle Seahawks deny plans to move Russell Wilson via trade

Coach Pete Carroll said he wasn’t worried about the speculation surrounding his quarterback, given that “last year, he was like double.” The head coach of the Seattle SeahawksPete Carrollsaid Wednesday that the team “has no intention” of trading the star quarterback Russell Wilson in the off-season. But, in his first comments to the media since … Read more

Asensio doesn’t want to move

The contractual situation of Marco Asensio (26 years old) is one of the main issues that Real Madrid has on the table for this summer, along with the renewals of Militao and Vinicius, two starters with contracts clearly below their performance. The Balearic contract ends in 2023 and if he does not extend his relationship … Read more

MLB memo to teams: No move in minor league camps due to lockout

at thirty clubs they are not allowed any adjustments in their training camps minor league spring 2022, as Major League Baseball stated in a recent memo to the 30 teams. Minor league players who are on the 40-man roster are treated like Major League players. Therefore, they cannot go to minor league camp. Parts of … Read more

Lino Rivera and the Cangrejeros make their first move

The Santurce crabbers, which are owned by Daddy Yankee and Tom Axon, made official this Sunday the hiring of Lino Rivera as its director of operations and Gil Martínez as its general manager. Gil will soon name his manager and coaching staff, Rivera said. “Gil will choose his work team next,” he said. Rivera was … Read more

The ‘move’ of Sonia Sotomayor: we remember the role of the Puerto Rican judge for the end of the Major League strike in 1995

Understanding the events of the story often does not only depend on knowing more about the protagonists. At least in baseball, to better understand the events that have rocked the sport in the United States, you need to know about “all the players.” Even of those who were ‘behind the lines’, as could well have … Read more