Carlos Delgado supports Carlos Correa’s move to the Minnesota Twins

Carlos Delgado supports Carlos Correas move to the Minnesota Twins

signature of Carlos Correa with the Minnesota Twins it was unexpected, particularly because it was speculated that any club interested in the services of the Puerto Rican shortstop would have to submit an offer starting at a 10-year commitment and above $300 million to capture his attention. Correa, however, reached an agreement to play with … Read more

Scott Boras explains what happened to Carlos Correa’s contract

1647987187 Scott Boras explains what happened to Carlos Correas contract

The Houston Astros remained adamant not to exceed five years in free agent signings, the New York Yankees they discussed a maximum of four years and were jealous with their payroll and luxury taxes, because they were close to exceeding them. Thus, Carlos Correa ended with the minnesota twins with a three-year, $105 million deal … Read more

Scaloni made a new summons after Correa’s injury: a footballer who has not been in the National Team since the 2018 World Cup will return

1642778109 Scaloni made a new summons after Correas injury a footballer

Maximiliano Meza played four games in the 2018 World Cup (Photo: AFP) The injury of Joaquin Correa in the last duel of the Inter of Italy set off the alarms in the Argentine national team and the coach Lionel Scalloni began to make moves in order to cover that almost certain loss that the team … Read more

35 MILLION per year: Report indicates that Carlos Correa’s price continues to rise

35 MILLION per year Report indicates that Carlos Correas price

By Dency Milan The lockout of Big leagues, and from the first day that the agreement between the parties could not be closed, everything was frozen, cold as the same chamber where the mythical Ted william. With this, renowned players were left waiting to obtain a juicy contract. The case that I want to present … Read more

Are the Yankees ignoring Carlos Correa’s ‘dark’ past in the face of a possible signing?

One of the main rumors of the free agency market this year is that New York Yankees to sign Carlos Correa ahead of Season 2022 of MLB. This possible decision of the ‘Mules’ has caused surprise in a certain sector of the environment, since the Puerto Rican has a Dark past’ as a result of … Read more

MLB: Astros super prospects who would be Carlos Correa’s replacement in the SS

Houston Astros is very close to seeing one of his emblems play for another team as everything indicates that Carlos Correa will not re-sign with Texans for MLB 2022. This leaves a vacancy in the short stops that it should try to cover with a new acquisition in the market. But, that is not necessarily … Read more

MLB: Astros fan collects money to pay for Carlos Correa’s mega contract

If there is a player who has been playing enormously in these playoffs of MLB without a doubt it is the Puerto Rican Carlos Correa of ​​the Houston Astros, who is becoming perhaps the best free agent available at the end of this season with their great performances, and while the Astros aren’t out of … Read more

Lisbán Correa’s wife traveled to Cuba to fight because they let him play with Industriales

Lisban Correa 1

By SwingCompleto / For a few weeks the habanero slugger Lisban Correa He decided to leave his official link with the Cuban Baseball Federation and thus begin an independent path within professional baseball and incidentally establish residence in Mexico. This has been a very particular year for “Billy”, because on the one hand he … Read more