NBA Draft: The future stars who arrive at the most important basketball league in the world – La Tercera

NBA Draft The future stars who arrive at the most

The Draft is one of the most iconic instances of the NBA, since it not only allows you to meet the new stars that will come to the league, but also it is one of the elements that most determines the constant evolution of the weakest teams in the competition. That, since in the ceremony … Read more

Curry, LeBron and Harden shone at Christmas: what left the traditional NBA day – La Tercera

1640614516 Curry LeBron and Harden shone at Christmas what left the

When most sports take a break from the holidays, the NBA draws the world’s attention. The traditional “Christmas Day” is a day marked by fans and experts. A day where the organization usually offers some of the best games that can be given in the league and this year it was not the expression. Although … Read more

The new International Basketball Manager will have the official license of the Chilean LNB – La Tercera

The new International Basketball Manager will have the official license

The National Basketball League of Chile announced that the highest category of national basketball will be present in the International Basketball Manager 2022 video game. The sports management video game developed by UPLAY Basketball and distributed by UPLAY Online will be available for PC and mobile platforms for Android and iOS. This videogame will have … Read more

Secret in the parquet: The complaint that shakes Linares – La Tercera

Marco Bustos was looking for job offers in the apartment he rented in Budapest, Hungary, when a Facebook post from a former basketball teammate paralyzed him. On his screen he read a comment written by Héctor Suazo that said: “Be careful. Don’t trust your kids to this guy. Rickter Valenzuela is his name ”. Bustos, … Read more

A new palace for Chilean sports – La Tercera

Universidad Católica continues to show itself as a sports reference nationwide. The latest proof of that has been the inauguration of its new Sports Building. An enclosure of 15 thousand square meters, which will house the basketball, volleyball, triathlon and swimming branches. A change that is also explained by Santiago 2023 and by the great … Read more

Debuts against the United States: Chile begins this Monday the U16 women’s basketball pre-world championship – La Tercera

The U-16 women’s basketball team is preparing for its great challenge in 2021. From Monday, the 23rd, they will look for the qualification for the planetary event that will take place next year in Hungary in the World Cup in Mexico. In their group they must be measured against Argentina, the United States and the … Read more

Sammis Reyes: accolades, emotions, and the true value of a movie story in the NFL – La Tercera

Sammis Reyes accolades emotions and the true value of a.jfif

Third quarter of the game between the Washington Football Team and the New England Patriots. WFT quarterback Steven Montez receives the ball. Move to the right, make a feint and find your receiver. Throw fast and the oval finds the safe hands of Sammis Reyes, the first Chilean to compete in professional American football in … Read more

With 50 spectators, alcohol gel and warnings everywhere: this was the return of the public to the Chilean sports venues – La Tercera

With 50 spectators alcohol gel and warnings everywhere this was

Competitive sport was resumed in Chile quite some time ago. However, although the protagonists returned to the courts, a fundamental ingredient was still missing: the presence of the fans in the stands. In this context, the duel between Las Ánimas and AB Temuco, for the semifinals of the Southern Conference of the National Basketball League, … Read more

France surprises and defeats the United States, the great favorites of Olympic basketball – La Tercera

France surprises and defeats the United States the great favorites

The United States is always the big favorite in Olympic basketball. It was before and now more, since in 1992 he put together his national teams with NBA players. That is why a defeat of the so-called Dream Team will always be recognized as a surprise. And that’s what he conquered France, by winning 83-76 … Read more

Party at the Olympic Village: they filter photos of Luka Doncic playing poker and drinking vodka – La Tercera

1627439838 Party at the Olympic Village they filter photos of Luka

Luka doncic He starred in the first controversy in the Olympic Village of Tokyo 2020. The Slovenian basketball player was surprised at a party in the internal concentration of the athletes, after starring in one of the great triumphs at the start of the Olympic Games. Spanish basketball player Cristina Ouviña he was the one … Read more