The Portugal coach did not know the story, it is incredible that he put Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench

The Portugal coach did not know the story it is

The journalist analyzed what happened in the quarterfinals of the tournament (From Doha, Qatar) Anything could happen the day after the surprises that occurred in the World Cup. There were no longer issues judged before the ball started rolling. There was only one big surprise -for some- with the removal of Brazil. The context and … Read more

The complete story behind the fury of the players of the Argentine national team against van Gaal and all of the Netherlands

The complete story behind the fury of the players of

Lionel Messi went to look for van Gaal and reproached him for having spoken so much in the preview (REUTERS/Paul Childs) Thursday, 15:45 Doha. A little over a day before the match valid for the quarterfinals of the World Cup between Argentina and the Netherlands, louis van gaal appears in conference room number 2 of … Read more

Isaac Humphries: What is the story of gay basketball player

Isaac Humphries What is the story of gay basketball player

Through his social media accounts, Australian basketball player Isaac Humphries shared a video in which he comes out to his teammates as a gay athlete. The November 15, 2022, isaac humphries, basketball player in the team Melbourne United and member of Octagon Basketballshared with his classmates that he is a basketball athlete gay. In a … Read more

Byron Castillo: the story behind the ruling that proves us right but does not lead us to Qatar

Byron Castillo the story behind the ruling that proves us

Ten in the morning. In Videna the usual thing happens, in these six days of training, at this time of day: in the distance the voice of coach Juan Reynoso is heard giving instructions to Piero Quispe, something further says Christian Cueva, the first starter of this era, the noise of Lima’s traffic hardly reaches … Read more

Geno Smith, the story of the 2022 NFL season: from forgotten backup to superstar in one breath

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chosen with the pick 39 of the Draft 2013 for the New York Jets, Gene Smith could be considered until recently as someone close to a bust: bad first year as a rookie on the Jets, barely improved in the second and since then, eternal understudy in different franchises of the NFL. Between 2015 and … Read more

A story to follow in every Game 1 of the Wild Card Series

No injuries Ravens will fight again for the division title

We really hope that you are one of those very productive people in the mornings, because for the next week, you are going to have to have everything done before noon. Why? Because we’re going to have baseball – top-tier, intense, postseason baseball – all day, almost every day. And we are here to guide … Read more

Pitbull Club: The story of a team that marks a new beginning in national basketball

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It is because of that sport came to the headquarters of this institution, which at the same time works as a non-governmental organization (NGO), helping young people from the most vulnerable areas of Lima to find a beneficial space within sports. Namely, pitbull it is not only a club, but also a tool for social … Read more

Brad Pitt and his lesser-known story: when he was discarded as a basketball player, he put together his own team and called it Rejected

Brad Pitt and his lesser known story when he was discarded

Brad Pitt, in addition to being one of the highest-grossing actors in Hollywood, is a basketball lover William Bradley Pitt He was born on the 18th of 1963 in Shawnee, a small city in the state of Oklahoma that at that time did not exceed 20,000 inhabitants. The son of a school secretary and a … Read more