Basketball: Olympic champion Walter Herrmann led a campus for girls and boys from the city

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Train, improve and hierarchize are three definitions to describe the main idea of ​​the Regional Center for High Performance Sports (Crear). And if these concepts have as their interlocutor a benchmark of the ‘Golden Generation’ and an NBA player, the message is much more enhanced. That is what happened this Saturday in the Southwest District … Read more

Mexican athletes must compete in these World Cups heading to Paris 2024 – Marca Claro – Olympic Games

Mexican athletes must compete in these World Cups heading to

04 October, 2022 | Claro Brand Writing The sports shooting awards Olympic places | @Edson_I_Ramirez | Picture 7 | By: Gabriela Mendoza A little more than 80 days before the end of the year there are still to be played 12 World Championshipsnine of them belong to Olympic disciplines that will serve them heading … Read more

Brittney Griner, from Olympic gold to prison in Russia: the basketball star’s long career – KESQ

Aaron Rodgers fully trusts his new receivers

Angela Reyes Haczek (CNN Spanish) – Brittney Griner, sentenced this Thursday in Russia to nine years in prison, is one of the great stars of women’s basketball in the United States and is also a figure who has made her way in scenarios as disparate as murals street scenes of Phoenix and the White House. … Read more

The English Blixen, an emblem of Trouville and 1956 Olympic medalist, died

The English Blixen an emblem of Trouville and 1956 Olympic.webp

At the age of 85, the Englishman Carlos Blixen, an emblem of Trouville and an Olympic medalist, passed away this Monday. at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. The basketball player played for 17 seasons, between 1954 and 1970, uninterruptedly in the first team of the Pocitos Reds. He debuted at the age of 17 on the … Read more

Patricio Garino: the Olympian who got angry with basketball and now wants to meet his best version again

Patricio Garino the Olympian who got angry with basketball and

At the end of 2019, life was smiling at Patrick Garino. Enjoyed a good present in the baskonia Spanish and the memory of the great individual and collective performance with the Argentine team in the China World Cup, where the silver medal was hung. But on November 22, during a Euroleague game with his team, … Read more

Heading to Paris: women’s basketball wants to be Olympic

1647049759 Heading to Paris womens basketball wants to be Olympic

Since the end of Tokyo Olympics in 2021, the national teams put their heads on paris 2024. And this is the case of women’s basketball, a discipline that, hand in hand with the National League, has grown a lot in recent years and dreams of entering his first Olympic Games on French soil. Look also … Read more

The Women’s Basketball League begins, in search of a more agile game, taller players and… fulfill the Olympic dream

1645252453 The Womens Basketball League begins in search of a more

Although it is still far from the ideal, the Women’s Basketball League which begins its fifth season this weekend, is constantly on the rise, both in organization and in the level of competition. Ten teams, including the current two-time champion Berazategui and a debutante Creekwill be in the game in a contest that will have … Read more

Cuadrado scored spectacular Olympic goal in Italy

Cuadrado scored spectacular Olympic goal in Italy

The Colombian footballer Juan Guillermo Cuadrado scored a true Olympic goal this Sunday with Juventus, in the match against Genoa in the Italian Serie A. (You may be interested in: See the scandalous and unheard of goal with which Unión Magdalena was promoted) The footballer kicked from the corner kick, with his right leg, and … Read more

Major League Baseball star donated $ 200,000 to Olympic athletes in his country

By Gian Franco Gil / @ Gian_Gil98 The superstar of the Major Leagues, Juan Soto decided to donate 200 thousand dollars to his compatriots who competed in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 and did not have the same possibilities as him to enter large sums of money. According to the story told by the … Read more