Spanish basketball rewards its legends and the national parquet elite

Bobby Lashley and AJ Styles will fight for the United

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has hosted this Sunday the third edition of the Spanish Basketball Gala, which has brought together players, coaches, federation and club representatives to honor, among others, figures and legends of the Spanish parquet such as Sergio Llull and Silvia Dominguez or legends like Amaya Valdemoro or Carmelo Cabrera. The event … Read more

NBA Finals: the fourth game is played on the most recognizable parquet in the world

NBA Finals the fourth game is played on the most

It will be another special night. This Friday, from 22 (Argentine time), the Celtics will receive in Boston the Golden State Warriors with the dream of placing 3-1 in the Finals of the NBA and be only one victory away from his 18th title in the most important basketball league in the world. And there … Read more

Secret in the parquet: The complaint that shakes Linares – La Tercera

Marco Bustos was looking for job offers in the apartment he rented in Budapest, Hungary, when a Facebook post from a former basketball teammate paralyzed him. On his screen he read a comment written by Héctor Suazo that said: “Be careful. Don’t trust your kids to this guy. Rickter Valenzuela is his name ”. Bustos, … Read more