CONFIRMED: A talented player from Matanzas arrived in the Dominican Republic in Series 61

CONFIRMED A talented player from Matanzas arrived in the Dominican

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas / @jzas23 The news circulated on social media for about a week. Several media outlets echoed it, reported by Cuban sports journalist Francys Romerocommon in these matters. But to this day, Full Swing confirmed the fact. It may interest you: FULMINANT: With 5 knockouts, it DESTROYED Cuban boxing in professional … Read more

“I am a handsome pitcher and I believe it”, confessed talented Cuban baseball pitcher

I am a handsome pitcher and I believe it confessed

By Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Zas At the end of the matches this Saturday, February 26, the Avilanian reliever Yosvany Avalos He was tied with four other pitchers for second place in saved games with a total of five, in this 61st edition of the National Baseball Series, a department led by the talented closer from … Read more

SAY WHAT? Talented baseball player changed his dream of playing in Industriales for selling bread in the streets of Havana

SAY WHAT Talented baseball player changed his dream of playing

By Yasel Porto The protagonist of my article is in a category that has worked at all times and everywhere, and in which its members have had to focus on a job that monetarily helps them and their family more depending on the complex economic environment that surrounds them. Many have been able to alternate … Read more

Billups: ‘Kyrie is the most talented point guard in history’

Billups Kyrie is the most talented point guard in history

PORTLAND, Pray. – Portland Trail Blazers coach and former NBA Finals MVP Chauncey Billups says he believes the Brooklyn Nets point guard, Kyrie irving, is “the most skilled player” who has played at point guard. “Kyrie is just a wizard, man,” Billups said before the Blazers’ 114-108 win over the Nets on Monday night. “It’s … Read more

Talented Cuban pitcher told the official press that the bad treatment of his province led him to make the decision

By Swing Completo / This is one more example for those who spend their time justifying disappointments and desertions due to the lack of an agreement with MLB or the absolute incidence of US laws related to Cuba (blockade). Here, as so often, the responsibility does not go beyond the Cuban borders and is … Read more

Cuban Security ordered the Baseball Federation to block the contract of a talented player

By SwingCompleto / When an official or those who still do not wake up from certain realities say again that the Cuban Baseball Federation is a non-governmental organization, take into account the example of this article, among many others, so that they are not fooled by those who want to continue playing with the … Read more

BROKE WITH THE FEDERATION: Talented Cuban pitcher got tired of injustices

By Full Swing The talented Camagüey pitcher Yosimar Cousín decided to end his relationship with the Cuban Baseball Federation and thus begin to forge his destiny from now on in an individual sporting manner. As published by the Comarca de los Toros site, the right-hander from Agramon requested the removal of the entity in order … Read more

He operated on “Tommy John” talented pitcher of Industriales

Frank Herrera

By SwingCompleto / For years several players, the vast majority of them pitchers, have undergone the surgical process “Tommy John” within Cuba. The most recent case has already begun its recovery phase with the aim of joining Industriales in time for the next National Series. It’s about the talented monticulista Frank Ernesto Herrera, who … Read more

Scaloni’s list: those who will be there, the casualties and the talented youth that the coach of the National Team has on the radar

Scaloni refines the last names on the list for the Qualifiers (Photo: EFE) Lionel scaloni I knew it before arriving in the country last Thursday from Mallorca: the AFA wants the game against Bolivia, on Thursday, September 9, in the Monumental, be the first that counts on the return of the public to the Argentine … Read more