Dikembe Mutombo undergoes treatment for brain tumor

No injuries Ravens will fight again for the division title

Hall of Famer Dikembe Mutombo has undergone treatment in Atlanta for a brain tumor, the NBA announced Saturday. Mutombo has been one of the NBA’s global ambassadors for years, recently attending the Hall of Fame ceremony in Springfield, Massachusetts and a pair of exhibition games in Saitama, Japan. He was also present in September with … Read more

The NFL and the “hostile treatment” of its employees: more than 30 complaints and a threat of state investigation

The NFL and the hostile treatment of its employees more

Related news Letitia James is the prosecutor of New York, the first black woman to hold this position, who is leading investigations of sexual harassment and abuse against women in companies. She now she has put the focus on the National Football League (NFL). Along with five other attorneys general, he has expressed “serious concern” … Read more

Dodgers treat TikTok dog Toby to ‘VIP’ treatment at Dodger Stadium

Dodgers treat TikTok dog Toby to VIP treatment at Dodger

You always have to be attentive to the people (and the canines) that follow you. This is a rule of life that the Los Angeles Dodgers organization has followed to the letter, as evidenced by a recent surprise they gave their faithful four-legged friend, Toby. During the pandemic, Toby, a beagle dog with an affinity … Read more

Preferential treatment for LeBron James

Preferential treatment for LeBron James

It is not good for the credibility of the league that the aggressor, whatever his name is, is penalized with a different criterion than the attacked. It is a bit obvious when the name of Lebron and the word star, because he’s the face of basketball, but the NBA was too benevolent with number 6 … Read more

Talented Cuban pitcher told the official press that the bad treatment of his province led him to make the decision

By Swing Completo / contacto@swingcompleto.com This is one more example for those who spend their time justifying disappointments and desertions due to the lack of an agreement with MLB or the absolute incidence of US laws related to Cuba (blockade). Here, as so often, the responsibility does not go beyond the Cuban borders and is … Read more

MLB: Rays Pitcher Announces He Has Cancer Tumor; will go to treatment

This Wednesday, October 13, it was announced that David Hess, pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays in the minor leagues (MiLB) suffers from a cancerous tumor in the breast. It was the serpentinero himself who announced this sensitive news through his social networks, adding that he will undergo the necessary treatment to deal with the … Read more

Chris Davis will receive the Bobby Bonilla treatment and will receive millions until his 51 years

1629198689 Chris Davis will receive the Bobby Bonilla treatment and will

Chris Davis announced this week his retirement as a player from MLB after 14 seasons. The slugger’s farewell to the Los Baltimore Orioles, who was unable to recover from hip surgery. Davis was a two-time American League home run champion and attended an All-Star Game. And although he will not take a turn at the … Read more

Alexis Vega and the treatment that helped him not to leave football like Messi

Alexis Vega and the treatment that helped him not to

The father of the Tri Olímpico attacker remembers his son’s problems for being short and how he managed to continue in football Ernesto Vega answered the phone and heard his son crying on the other end of the line. “Come get me dad, they told me I was out of Pumas,” he said. Alexis, then … Read more