Julio Lamas, one of the most important coaches in the history of Argentine basketball, retired: which soccer team has him on the radar

1650138914 Julio Lamas one of the most important coaches in the

Julio Lamas, from basketball to football (NA) Julius Lamas, one of the most important coaches in the history of Argentine basketball, will leave the board with hoops and lean towards the one with arches. The former national team strategist will join the coaching staff of Abel Balbus, who is launched as a coach and plays … Read more

Radar ZdB: Ben Kovac

Radar ZdB Ben Kovac

After standing out in European training, being the reference of his team, and without consolidating himself or reaching a true reconversion, it may be surprising to see in Radar ZdB to Ben Kovac (2000 / 196cm), eternal basketball wonder boy from Luxembourg, a country with little basketball power. But let’s not fool ourselves. Last season … Read more

Top five “under the radar” free agents

Top five under the radar free agents

Puerto Rican Carlos Correa, Freddie Freeman and Trevor Story dominate the headlines of this fast-paced free agency, but there are a number of players going “under the radar” who could make an impact in 2022. Here are five players (in alphabetical order) who fit that description: Pham disappointed in his two seasons in San Diego, … Read more

Yankees: NYY had pre-lockout interest in former Mets All-Star outfielder; Will you still be on his radar?

Yankees NYY had pre lockout interest in former Mets All Star outfielder

Before the lockout, the New York Yankees were interested in outfielder Michael Conforto. The Bronx Bombers join the Colorado Rockies and Miami Marlins as the only teams publicly linked to the Conforto market, though more than a dozen teams reportedly reached out to the former All-Star at the start of the free-agent period. With that … Read more

ZdB Radar: Njie Bar

ZdB Radar Njie Bar

Njie Bar (2001 / 191cm) He is one of the pearls of Swedish basketball and is in fashion after his move to the G-League this season, prelude to the NBA, after a season in which he was proclaimed the best youngster in the Swedish league. But not everything has always been a stellar moment in … Read more

Radar ZdB: Garly Sojo

Radar ZdB Garly Sojo

The new pearl of Venezuelan basketball continues burning stages. We talk about a Garly Sojo (1999 / 196cm) that, after his irruption with the Creole team and his signing for the Mexican team with a Latin suit, Capitanes de Ciudad de México (G-League), is already a reality to follow. To find out more about its … Read more

Radar ZdB: Mikk Jurkatamm

Radar ZdB Mikk Jurkatamm

full turn in Radar ZdB. We go to the Baltic countries to talk about the Estonian absolute international Mikk Jurkatamm (2000 / 196cm), who is confirming this campaign what has always been known: that he is a total scorer. The shooting guard was at a very high level on his return to his country’s league … Read more

Cooperstown Candidates “Under the Radar”

Cooperstown Candidates Under the Radar

This year’s Hall of Fame ballot features new big names (David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez) and others facing what will potentially be their last chance (Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Curt Schilling). But there are other players who should also be paying attention to. MLB.com analysts selected seven Hall of Fame candidates who could be flying under … Read more

ZdB Radar: Rashaan Mbemba

ZdB Radar Rashaan Mbemba

After the first two stops in Denmark and Slovenia, today we are going to Austria to talk about Rashaan Guylain Mbemba (2003/198 cm). Despite just turning 18 years old, he is in a sweet moment, being elected the best youngster in the Austrian league in October and November and adding points and rebounds in his … Read more