Pujols confessed that he was close to retiring in the middle of the campaign

No injuries Ravens will fight again for the division title

ST. LOUIS – As the Cardinals prepare to host the Phillies at the Wild Card Serieswhich kicks off this Friday with Game 1 at Busch Stadium (2:07 pm ET), the Dominican superstar Albert Pujols revealed in a candid interview with MLB.com that he came close to retiring midway through the season. That’s why, during his … Read more

“It was a DISPUTE”, CONFESSED slugger from Santiago who WAS OUT of “La Aplanadora”

It was a DISPUTE CONFESSED slugger from Santiago who WAS

By Miguel Guerra When we talk about emblematic teams in the National Series, it is impossible that names like: Industriales, Villa Clara, Pinar del Río or Santiago de Cuba, as well as Granma, do not come to mind in recent years. The main reason could be that they have been teams full of stars and … Read more

“I am a handsome pitcher and I believe it”, confessed talented Cuban baseball pitcher

I am a handsome pitcher and I believe it confessed

By Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Zas At the end of the matches this Saturday, February 26, the Avilanian reliever Yosvany Avalos He was tied with four other pitchers for second place in saved games with a total of five, in this 61st edition of the National Baseball Series, a department led by the talented closer from … Read more

“Playing in Industriales was NOT easy at all”, CONFESSED former player from the capital

Playing in Industriales was NOT easy at all CONFESSED former

By Miguel Guerra As baseball fans, on many occasions we do not appreciate how important the pinch hitter can be in a baseball game, due to the nature of his role in the game. This special player can replace a regular player at certain moments and specific situations of the match. Games and even championships … Read more

“I didn’t have anything to give my mother on December 31”, CONFESSED former player of Industriales who left Cuba

I didnt have anything to give my mother on December

By Miguel Guerra The phenomenon of emigration is an issue that has accompanied Cuba almost since its origins, due to different causes, and has spread to the present, when professionals, athletes, mothers, the elderly and the people in general decide to leave the land that he was born in search of personal prosperity and for … Read more

“The boxes were for sale, for us from the warehouse”, TWO Cuban baseball stars CONFESSED EXCLUSIVELY

The boxes were for sale for us from the warehouse

By Miguel Guerra Friendship is a treasure that has more and more relevance in these times. The brotherhood that transcends over the years is, without a doubt, one of the greatest fortunes that a human being can have. To the joy of all baseball fans, we have witnessed great friendships on and off the baseball … Read more

“You screw ball games” CONFESSED Cuban major leagues about former teammate

You screw ball games CONFESSED Cuban major leagues about former

By Miguel Guerra There are many ways in which a baseball player can feel rewarded for his work on or off the ball field. At first reflection we can analyze that the greatest prize would be monetary compensation, but the truth is that human recognition can even fill the athlete and people in general with … Read more

Cuban pitcher CONFESSED threw a drugged game: “They took me to the Latino in a wheelbarrow”

1643572632 Cuban pitcher CONFESSED threw a drugged game They took me

By Yasel Porto The protagonist of this brave testimony completely became one of the best pitchers in the capital and his level would have been even better if it were not for the environment that surrounded him and also for himself. There even came a moment that for several was the best of all between … Read more

“I prefer to carry boxes in the USA than to be Cuba’s first pitcher”, CONFESSED an outstanding Cuban pitcher

I prefer to carry boxes in the USA than to

By Miguel Guerra On the night of April 1, 2021, “The Complete Swing Show”, a stellar space on our YouTube channel, was attended by the experienced pitcher Jorge Alberto Martínezwho, after playing for eight seasons in the Cuban Baseball National Series, decided to leave the island in search of a better future as an athlete … Read more

“I LASTED too long, I DIDN’T play anymore and I TAKEN my family,” CONFESSED Alexeis Bell

I LASTED too long I DIDNT play anymore and I

By Migue Guerra On the night of April 2, the Complete Swing Show, star space of our YouTube channel, which airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 pm, Cuban time, had as a special guest the stellar gardener from Santiago Alexeis Bell Quintero, one of the most complete players who has gone through the National … Read more