CONFIRMED: A talented player from Matanzas arrived in the Dominican Republic in Series 61

According to a source very close to the player, it was confirmed that the talented outfielder from Matanzas, Roberto Álvarez, recently left Cuba for the Dominican Republic, a country from which he will try to sign with a Major League franchise, after getting his free agency.

“He had been thinking about leaving for a long time. He saw a possibility in the Under 23 World Cup in Mexico last year when he was part of the pre-selection but he did not make the team in the end. As it became known, they considered him a possible emigrant and they did not count on him anymore, ”said the aforementioned source, who preferred to remain anonymous.

«When they traveled to Colombia (to the Pan American Junior) last year 2021, the situation was different and also, that country is a bit complicated. But he finally managed to leave Cuba and arrived safely in the Dominican. Hopefully he can train, show his skills and achieve his goal of signing. He is still very young, he is very talented and if others have done it, he can do it too. Hopefully,” he added.

Let us remember that Álvarez was part of the Cuba Sub23 team that participated in the I Junior Pan American Games of Cali-Valle 2021, whose baseball event was held in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia.

Roberto Álvarez, 23, was playing his fourth season with the Matanzas Crocodiles in Cuban baseball, after his debut in 2018.

During the current 61st edition of the National Series, Álvarez he appeared in a total of 57 games, primarily as a late-game outfielder or substitute running back. He hit .268, including a double and a home run. In addition, he drove four teammates to the register and scored 12 times, with an offensive line of .397 / .339 / .736 (OBP / SLU / OPS).

The yumurino is a tactful hitter with good speed on the bases, owner of many positive tools as a ballplayer, very skilled and effective with the glove defending the three gardens, so they could work with him in search of reaching American professional baseball. in the near future.

The absence of Roberto Álvarez joins the departure of more than a dozen players from Matanzas who have weakened the Crocodiles in this Series 61, some by personal decision (low or leaving the country) and others by contracts abroad, covered by the Cuban Baseball Federation or by its own management.

Among them, 15 players can be mentioned: Yurisbel Gracial (Japan), Ariel Martínez (Japan), Aníbal Medina (Spain), Eduardo Blanco (Spain), Armando Dueñas (Spain), Yadir Drake (Mexico), Yoanni Yera (Mexico) , Joel Suárez (Italy), Julio César González (Venezuela), Brian Álvarez (Chile), Brian Rodríguez (Withdrawal by personal request), Danel Figueroa (Dominican), Yaniel Blanco (Nicaragua), Raymond Piñeiro (Nicaragua) and Roberto Álvarez ( Dominican).

Despite this situation, Armando Ferrer’s troop had a good finish in the regular stage and with a balance of 40-35 he was able to sneak into the top eight of the Position Table and guarantee his presence in the postseason of Series 61. In the quarter-final phase, they will face the sub-leaders Leñadores de Las Tunas (43-32), a match that they will have to face with many sensitive casualties in their cast.

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CONFIRMED: A talented player from Matanzas arrived in the Dominican Republic in Series 61