Booker T names a WWE RAW superstar an “extraordinary” talent

MLB Miguel Cabrera begins a new stage in the final

Through his podcast, Booker T has listed a WWE RAW superstar as an “extraordinary” talent. Currently, the WWE RAW roster has a great cast of superstars, both in the men’s and women’s divisions, to this we have to add the arrival of Triple H to creative control as director, since he has returned some superstars … Read more

Nelson Cruz on his way to displacing historic names on MLB’s home run list

Nelson Cruz on his way to displacing historic names on

The Dominican player became just the seventh Dominican baseball player to reach the 450 home run figure in the Major Leagues When talking about the great Dominican sluggers in Big leaguesthe names of Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols Y Sammy Sosa, the only ones who have connected more than 600 homers, are always mentioned. However, the … Read more

Two new rumored names for Edge’s stable

Two new rumored names for Edges stable

As we could already see in WrestleMania 38it seems that Edge has already started recruiting members for his rumored new stable. The first to join the WWE Hall of Famer was Damian Priestwhich played an important role in Edge’s victory against A.J. Styles in the great event. However, it seems that there are still members … Read more

John Cena names The Miz as one of his favorite WrestleMania opponents | Superfights

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The Miz still one of the best most relevant WWE superstars and has had a great career so far with the company. One of his greatest achievements came in 2010 when he defeated Randy Orton for the WWE Championship by cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase on an episode of Raw. He then … Read more

Lita gives three names of fighters who may be star performers in the future | Superfights

1647192788 Lita gives three names of fighters who may be star

rhea ripley she is certainly one of the best fighters in the company. She made a name for herself in NXT—where she achieved the brand’s title—before being called up to the main roster. A few months after debuting on Raw, she became the monarch of the red mark, and today remains one of the main … Read more

Burrow, Donald, Stafford… 5 names you need to know ahead of Super Bowl LVI

Burrow Donald Stafford 5 names you need to know ahead

JOE BURROW (QUARTERBACK, CINCINNATI BENGALS) At the end of the 2019 season, the Bengals were the worst team in the NFL.: They had won 2 games, lost 14 and it was necessary to rebuild the team from the ground up. Just two years later they’re fighting for the jackpot and Joe Burrow has plenty to … Read more

One by one: sports teams that changed names without changing cities

One by one sports teams that changed names without changing

The Washington DC soccer team officially announced that a new name will accompany the burgundy and gold color on February 2. In less than a month, a new soccer identity will be forged in the nation’s capital. But when WFT reveals its new name, it won’t be the first professional sports team to do so … Read more