Booker T names a WWE RAW superstar an “extraordinary” talent

Through his podcast, Booker T has listed a WWE RAW superstar as an “extraordinary” talent.

Currently, the WWE RAW roster has a great cast of superstars, both in the men’s and women’s divisions, to this we have to add the arrival of Triple H to creative control as director, since he has returned some superstars to their best version. One of those superstars who has undergone this improvement has been Kevin Owens.

In recent weeks we have seen how Kevin Owens has recovered his version of NXT, which gave him great success on the black and gold brand. During the last edition of RAW, Owens responded to Chad Gable’s open challenge where both superstars put up a very good fight. Recently, Booker T has talked about this fight on his podcast called hall of fame showin addition to cataloging `The Prizefighter´ as an “extraordinary” talent.

A big round of applause for my man Kevin Owens and Chad Gable. Those guys went out there and had one hell of a match. Kevin Owens, you know, made an appearance as an open challenge, made the call and was like, ‘Hey man, I’m going to show up and come out here and do my thing.

It’s not going to be a guy that’s going to be an unexpected entry into Olympus or anything like that, but the guy is in top wrestling shape, and look what Kevin Owens goes out there and does and is able to manipulate his body to get out there and start. The guy is extraordinary, he is talented and I love watching him work.

H/T Sportskeeda

Following Paul Levesque’s arrival in creative control as director, we’ve seen Kevin Owens ruthlessly attack Ezekiel, compete in a match against Drew McIntyre, and put up an excellent match alongside Chad Gable. We will have to be very attentive to the next episodes of the red mark, since everything seems to indicate that Kevin Owens will be one of the most important faces.

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Booker T names a WWE RAW superstar an “extraordinary” talent