Twenty names from the start of the LEB Plata

After 5 days in LEB Plata, it is time to bring the first names to the fore. We know that basketball is a team game, but on many occasions it is the individuals that attract the viewer’s attention, which is why we wanted to draw two quintets from each group, thus highlighting 20 players in total, 10 from the «East » and 10 from the «West» in a first quintet and a second quintet. Players of all colors: complete, assistants, rebounders, thieves, scorers, who take fouls from rivals… a little of everything in this list trying to make teams that could play on the court at the same time. As we say, we are not highlighting the choral work, that is why it may be surprising that no name of Rioverde Clavijo or Maderas Sorlí Benicarló appears, we hope the teams of which no player appears will forgive us.

The first quintet to stand out from the East Group

Dan Duscak
Gran Canaria B
12.3 st, 4.5 re, 3.5 as, 2.3 ro, 7.5 fr

Basketball is almost a religion in Slovenia, which never ceases to produce promise. At only 20 years old, the Canarian club has signed him for its subsidiary, after being in the Madrid youth academy and in his country, and it seems that Silver is too small for him. Vertical, with vision and difficult to defend, he is the player who receives the most fouls in the group.

Diego Alderete
Hestia Menorca
11.6pt, 7.6d, 66.7% T3

Being among the best is a symbol of doing many things well, and that’s why you’re here. The energy with which he goes to the rebound from the outside, or the bestial success from the triple to date, are being key. Uncomfortable and active in defense. The effort is not negotiated in the game of the player on loan from Movistar Estudiantes.

Jorge Lafuente
Lobe Huesca the Magic
12.2st, 8.8K, 7.2A

The universal soldier of the Huesca team, the captaincy of a team taken to its maximum expression, flirting with the triple double almost every game, more multipurpose than ever. He has cache to spare for LEB Oro, but he wanted to stay in Silver with Santi Cerdán, and he is showing it by being the MVP of LEB Plata.

Hunter Preston
Safir Fruits Alginet
15.4 st, 9 d, 0.8 rt

The Valencian team needed a leader, and the North American was ready to accept the challenge. The main weapon of José Canales’ men, a rookie who hasn’t needed a toll, with a spectacular and effective game. Intensity in all his actions taking advantage of his physique very well. He has landed on his feet in Silver.

Lucas N’Guessan
Lobe Huesca the Magic
18.4 st, 6.2 d, 1.2 rt, 4.8 fr

The Dutch tower wanted to show that it could be an important piece in the category, with a spectacular start to the league, giving away in every game highlights based on dunks and blocks and being the top scorer in the East group. The Huesca lighthouse in the painting: if it lights up, everything is much easier in Huesca.

The second quintet to highlight from the East Group

Alexander Ortega
CB L’Horta Godella
10.2 st, 4.4 d, 3.2 as, 2.4 ro, 4.4 fr

The Valencia Basket academy player showed his leg in Silver last year, but this season he is exploding, despite being erratic from 6.75m, but showing himself much more confident, with hardly any losses, improving in direction and being a nuisance in defense, being one of the maximum thieves of the group.

Jordi Grimau
Class Basketball Sant Antoni
12.8 st, 3.4 d

Old rockers never die, and in Ibiza they are lucky that they still have enough batteries left to compete at a high level. Class, command of the game and points, tremendous production in less than 20 minutes on average; if it’s on track, the team notices it. When there is so much quality, what you put on your DNI doesn’t matter.

Asier Zengotitabengoa
Fibwi Palma
18.0pt, 4.0d, 4.0fr

The Basque came to Palma to produce, and boy is he doing it. The general captain of the snipers who has Pau Tomàs in his team, restoring confidence based on points and success, being the second highest scorer in the group; he drops the points from his hands as he leads his team, essential on the island.

Tomislav Buljan
CB Prat
13.6pt, 8.0d, 0.6t

The Croat belonging to Joventut Badalona, ​​has taken the pulse of the LEB Plata very soon, and if you add the energy in the actions to the quality, it makes everything much easier. A lot of activity, difficult to defend, inside, outside, and with only 20 years… Where is your roof?

Vyacheslav ‘Slava’ Kravtsov
Hestia Menorca
15.8 pt, 6.4 d, 1.0 ta, 7.0 fr

Imposing, a real rock in the paint, a player of another level, difficult to beat, while in attack he imposes superiority in the area. Those of Javi Zamora have added a piece to the project that gives it another dimension, allowing you to dream big, with the Ukrainian prepared to spare for a nice challenge.

The first quintet to stand out from the West Group

Didac Cuevas
UBU Tizona
15.2 pt, 3.8 re, 4.6 ace, 3.4 ro, 48.4% T3

Centimeters have never been a problem for this player, and Diego Ocampo knows it. A real annoyance for the rival guards, defensive hyperactivity and offensive quality, with success, electric game and vision of the game. He plays and makes play, always at the service of the team and at a spectacular level at this start.

Jorge Parra
Royal Canoe NC
20.4 pt, 4.0 re, 3.2 ace, 50% T3

Attention, a gunman is on the loose. What a start for the man from Madrid, doubling the records harvested last year. Top scorer of the West group with an exquisite success from the goal. The leader backpack was loose, and he has put it on without problems. He seems to have suddenly found maturity with Borja González.

Pau Trevino
ENERparking Basket Navarra
13.2 st, 7.2 K, 3.4 A, 3.0 R

New loan from Bàsquet Manresa for the player from Lleida, and a tremendous step forward that Jordi Juste surely sensed. Spectacular start, with great success, a lot of defensive activity and generosity in his game, he seems to have taken the temperature to the category. The objective, to maintain this level, something not easy.

Jon Ander Aramburu
Damex UDEA Algeciras
16.0 pt, 5.0 d, 1.0 ta, 4.0 fr

Despite playing only the first 2 games, and missing the following ones due to injury, he deserved to be here, starting like a shot, and his more than 10 seasons in the category have not stopped his basketball hunger and he continues to make a difference. As always, he shines with a good hand, verticality and defensive aptitude.

Riley Hayes
CB Minuscenter Morón
15.8pt, 9.0d, 4.0fr

It was going to be difficult for the American to maintain the numbers he had achieved in the second Georgian, and boy, has he done so, based on baskets near the rim with good footwork, and capturing a large number of rebounds. Antonio López has found a diamond that has quickly adapted to the competition.

The second quintet to highlight from the West Group

Javi Marin
Damex UDEA Algeciras
14.4st, 3.4K, 8.2A

He wanted to lead a project, Javier Malla gave him the keys to the team, and boy is he doing it. The thinking head on the track making his team play like a Swiss watch, for a reason he is the best assistant in the group. On offense, he takes advantage of his size very well. He wants to call back strongly to the higher category.

Miki Ortega
Damex UDEA Algeciras
19.0pt, 4.4fr

The captain from Algeciras never fails among the outstanding players, as the executor of the Andalusian team. Second highest scorer in the group, he is a real scorer. He was a fundamental pillar on the track and in the locker room, with baskets of all colors, the offensive soul, very difficult for rival players to stop for another year.

adam fravert
Melilla Sport Capital Enrique Soler
13.6 st, 8.8 d, 1.0 rt

King dead, king on, the American was a safe bet against the departure of Prgomet, who could also be on this list. After a debut in Silver with good numbers, he has managed to take them to the next level, scoring more, rebounding much more and intimidating. Mobility and versatility of a growing player.

Moha Niang
Teknei Bizkaia Zornotza
16.6 st, 7.8 d

Incredible debut in LEB Plata after calling strongly from the EBA League, he has managed to maintain the numbers that opened this door for him, and he is taking full advantage of the opportunity. Doing a lot of damage in the paint, rebounding with hunger and giving a show, it hasn’t cost him anything to take the pulse of the category.

Morgan Stilma
Zamora Falls in Love
18.2 st, 7.2 d, 6 fr

The Dutch youth squad from Unicaja has returned to Plata with great force after the experience in his country. Plenty of talent, he is being the man Saulo Hernández’s team is holding on to. Mobility, a lot of strength, he fights on the rebound, and a game near the rim with which he draws many fouls from the rivals, a fundamental player.

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Twenty names from the start of the LEB Plata