The masks of Mexican fighters, prohibited in Qatar 2022

The masks of Mexican fighters prohibited in Qatar 2022

The masks of Mexican wrestlers will not be able to be seen, due to the prohibition by the Organizing Committee of the Qatar 2022 World Cup MEXICO — The masks of Blue Demon, Two faces, The Saint or any other Mexican fighter will not be able to be seen in the World Cup Qatar 2022because … Read more

Reason for the absence of several fighters in WWE Raw – Planet Wrestling

NFL Steelers manager wants Diontae Johnson to be a part

there have been many WWE news who have highlighted the new effect that the change has brought within the company’s management. So much so that the new creative head of WWE Triple H has brought back several fighters who had terminated their contract with the company. Reason for the absence of fighters It has been … Read more

More details of the AEW fighters who appeared on WWE RAW are revealed

Marc Gasol informs the ACB of his intention to play

During the celebration of the 20 years of John Dinner in WWE there were many super stars who sent him greetings, among those super stars appeared some that are in AEW currently, the president of the company Tony Khan has explained in detail how the approval worked of these on-screen cameos. Tony Khan explains how … Read more

Austin Theory responds to Randy Orton’s criticism of NXT fighters | Superfights

1639868232 Austin Theory Reveals The Most Important Lesson He Learned From

Randy Orton recently stated that some former NXT talents he has worked with have not been properly trained and they don’t know what they’re doing inside the ring. The Viper considers that this could be the difference between him and many fighters in terms of the durability of their careers, since at some point he … Read more

Lita gives three names of fighters who may be star performers in the future | Superfights

1647192788 Lita gives three names of fighters who may be star

rhea ripley she is certainly one of the best fighters in the company. She made a name for herself in NXT—where she achieved the brand’s title—before being called up to the main roster. A few months after debuting on Raw, she became the monarch of the red mark, and today remains one of the main … Read more

MILLIONAIRE FIGHTERS: Wages of Cubans in Major League Baseball 2021

By Juan Páez The 2021 season of the Major Leagues is over and it is time to evaluate the performance of the Cuban players. But beyond that, we can focus on one aspect that is always interesting: salaries, contractual comparisons and what they did in relation to the money they received in their bank accounts. … Read more