The hunger of Ancelotti and the new Madrid

1659492866 The hunger of Ancelotti and the new Madrid

Carlo Ancelotti I came back from the United States excited about the team’s work. Beyond the results and the good feelings that the team transmitted against Juve, he stays with the work and the day-to-day atmosphere in the UCLA training camps. So his first doubt has been cleared: he does not see the team under … Read more

The 10 connections between Ancelotti and Guardiola

The 10 connections between Ancelotti and Guardiola

yesthere can only be one left. That is how the goddess fortune wanted it when drawing the path of this edition of the European Cupthe number 67 since it was born with its first final in the same city where the new European king will be decided on May 28: Paris. Carlo Ancelotti (10-6-1959) and … Read more

The other Ancelotti: tobacco, cheese, the Salesians, light bulbs…

The other Ancelotti tobacco cheese the Salesians light bulbs

ANDtonight, Carlo Ancelotti seeks to be one step away from being the coach who has won the European Cup the most times. He has three, like Zidane (Real Madrid) and paisley (Liverpool); the two with Milan and one with his current team. In addition, he lost that incredible 2005 in which his Milan won 0-3 … Read more

Ancelotti: “We depend on Benzema, and I’m very happy about it”

Ancelotti We depend on Benzema and Im very happy about

Carlo Ancelotti has had no qualms about ensuring that his team is dependent on Benzema. Moreover, he has explained that he is very happy that it is so. The Real Madrid coach is clear that Chelsea is not the tired team that Tuchel insinuated after the 1-3 and makes it clear that Madrid was the … Read more

Ancelotti: “If you don’t put Courtois in the top 10, you have to break the journalist’s card, the coach…”

1647174370 Ancelotti If you dont put Courtois in the top 10

Tras the ecstasy of the Championscome back against PSG to advance to the quarterfinals, Real Madrid visits tomorrow (9:00 p.m., Movistar LaLiga) at Majorca. In the run-up to that match, after the last preparatory trainingAncelotti I spoke at a press conference. Summary of Ancelotti’s press conference The role of Camavinga Camavinga is the present and … Read more

Ancelotti and Modric press conference prior to PSG, live

Ancelotti and Modric press conference prior to PSG live

Carlo Ancelotti and Luka modric They analyze the round of 16 second leg match Champions before him PSG. The disadvantage after the first leg, the atmosphere and the situation of mbpp will be the keys. Ancelotti and Modric at a live press conference Luka Modric press conference Neymar: “Neymar returns from a long injury, with … Read more

Ancelotti: “I haven’t done it perfectly or as badly as some say”

1646398394 Ancelotti I havent done it perfectly or as badly as

yesin Kroos and without Valverde. ace face Carlo Ancelotti the game against Real Sociedad, for which he does not want distractions despite the fact that PSG arrives on Wednesday. The Italian appeared from the Valdebebas press room to analyze the league duel against the royalist team and left the good news that the German is … Read more