The anti-withdrawal plan for Kroos

ANDhe real Madrid plans the next season and one of the scenarios is that kroos, Much to his chagrin, he is no longer on the team. For this reason, from all levels of the club it is about the German betting at the end to renew one more year although the decision is already in the hands of the former player of the bayern, who came to Madrid for just 25 million and who has undoubtedly been one of the most profitable footballers in the history of the club.

The first great supporter of Toni Kroos is Florentino Prez, who considers that the midfielder has been one of his best signings, counting the two stages in the club despite the fact that the list of galactic players is long. In fact, It is one of his great weaknesses. and it has already made it clear that the doors are open for another renewal.

Ancelotti, the other trick

Carlo Ancelotti He is also being a very important figure in trying to get Kroos to finally agree to remain active. Already in his first stage he gave him all his confidence, playing in his first year as a midfielder in the absence of Casemirothen yielded in the Port. It was the 14-15 campaign, the next to the tenth, and the German played practically everything. Ancelotti has been reunited with Kroos this second stage and is once again untouchable. And more so this year, in which the former Bayern player lives a kind of second youth despite the rumors of withdrawal. The fact that he no longer goes with his selection has helped him, in addition to overcoming his pubic problems, and this second year with Carlo he is playing practically everything and already more in its natural position. The reinforcements in the midfield, with Tchouamni and Camavingathey have also freed him to perform where he likes best and with fewer defensive ties. He is the fifth most used player, the second from the spinal cord behind Valverde, and only ten minutes from the room, Carvajal.

Ancelotti and the future of Kroos: “He will think about it after the World Cup”

Ancelotti has always been very cautious when betting on the continuity of Kroos. However, before the game against Elche he said for the first time that he believes the midfielder will stay: “I have spoken with Kroos, he will think about it after the World Cup. Personally, I think it will continue,” said the Italian.

The locker room clothes Kroos

In the locker room, praise continues for Kroos to make him feel important. Tchouamni has confessed that working alongside the former Bayern player is making him improve and that it is easier to adapt, which is being more than satisfactory. That the German feels an important part of the new team seems key for him to renew. Kroos is aware that he is part of a group that is dying out. Of the most successful medullary of recent times, Casemiro left and Modric also ends his contract in 2023although the Croatian does not close any door either and has made it clear that if he feels strong, he will continue playing.

At 32 years old, Kroos still has football in theory to perform at the highest level for what is being seen this season. In addition to Modric, Benzema is also older and they are an example that the former Bayern player has plenty of batteries left after his discomfort from last season has been overcome. But the decision is in his hands. Madrid will wait for him.

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The anti-withdrawal plan for Kroos