Fede Valverde’s motto for flying: ‘healthy men in healthy body’

Fede Valverde (24 years old)and it is not easy surrounded by the companions he has, he has become the great sensation of this start of the season at Real Madrid. Among so much talent, it is difficult to point out the leader from the leader, but the Uruguayan accumulates merits match after match as well. And for that he has relied on two pillars now at the same level: a physicist and an elite head.

The first thing was known, it was evident since it hatched. But the second is part of that silent work, of many hours at home, and that is often not valued in its fair measure. Fede has given it the necessary importance and proof of this is his most recent celebration, presented after scoring in the derby and repeated after the left-footed shot against Elche.

Why not, It is not the gesture of Haaland, nor that of a yoga enthusiast.It consists of the representation of a message embedded within: “Patience, calm and work”. It is the triple base on which he has been concentrating with the aim that the mind performs perfectly despite the demands of a whole Real Madrid, where the competition is also enormous. Over there, in fact, he dropped the tweet after the white victory in Alicante.

Fede Valverde, midfielder and scorer

Behind all this is his I work with a sports psychologist, the one in charge of transforming him so that today the ceiling of his potential is not guessed; Kroos already tweeted at the end of the Classic that I was on the world podium. For this initiative dek ’15’, which has given him a extra confidence, he manages to visualize the matches from the preview and more easily assimilates the events on the pitch.

The results speak for themselves. Despite not being the usual striker or attacker, El Halcn has maintained his defensive performance and has broken into a goalscorer. Still in October, he has six goals in all competitions, the same as Benzema and only one less than the team’s top scorer, Vinicius. It seems certain that Ancelotti, once again, was right in telling him that he had to score more than ten goals and that, otherwise, the coach would tear up his coaching card. Fede, in addition, has provided two assists. Carletto himself, by the way, summed up this Wednesday like no one else his third player in minutes (1,166): “If you think of a modern interior, you only think of it”.

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Fede Valverde’s motto for flying: ‘healthy men in healthy body’