Casemiro returns at the best moment

1649769731 Casemiro returns at the best moment

Casemiro I breathed a sigh of relief to see that his ironed header against the Getafe went to the net. It was 1-0, one more bite to reach the League title and his first goal this season. Madrid had always had goalscoring support from its defensive midfielder in recent seasons. Last time, without going any … Read more

Ancelotti: “We depend on Benzema, and I’m very happy about it”

Ancelotti We depend on Benzema and Im very happy about

Carlo Ancelotti has had no qualms about ensuring that his team is dependent on Benzema. Moreover, he has explained that he is very happy that it is so. The Real Madrid coach is clear that Chelsea is not the tired team that Tuchel insinuated after the 1-3 and makes it clear that Madrid was the … Read more

Fede makes them all better

1649345167 Fede makes them all better

Dbehind the coup of authority Real Madrid in Stamford Bridgeof the three goals of Benzemaof the white defensive power, of the praise given to Ancelotti for his approachoo of the umpteenth lesson of how to govern a party of Casemiro, Modric and Kroosits T Faith Valverde. All this would not have been possible without the … Read more

Chelsea vs Real Madrid: Going to the Moon for Mars

1649217067 Chelsea vs Real Madrid Going to the Moon for Mars

ANDhe dream of a new European Cup for Real Madrid goes through Stamford Bridge, the stadium of a team that doesn’t know what it’s like to lose against Real Madrid. It is not that they have faced each other many times, only five over two centuries-old journeys by far, but the truth is that the … Read more

Courtois: “I hope they don’t boo me and that it’s a happy return”

1649107271 Courtois I hope they dont boo me and that its

Courtois has attended the media of UEFA in the previous of the Champions League quarter-final tie against Chelsea. The Belgian meta fights one more edition for conquer a title that resists, either in the form of eliminations or in the form of a Lisbon final that slipped out of his hands. In addition, he is … Read more

Braking by Endrick

1647437960 Braking by Endrick

Dsince in january lifted the Copinha as MVP with Palmeiras despite his 15 years, it was learned that key months in his career awaited Endrick. First by the arrival of his professional contract, the main goal, when he turned 16 (July 21); and then for committing to the team with which he will make the … Read more

De Bruyne knocks out Chelsea and gives Manchester City half a Premier League

1642258327 De Bruyne knocks out Chelsea and gives Manchester City half

Updated 01/15/2022 – 15:36 Kevin De Bruyne did not have a good time at Bridge. Relegated by Jos Mourinho to a secondary role and going on loan to Genk and Werder Bremen, he barely played nine games (0 goals and 1 assist) in the half year he lived in blue. He had to leave London … Read more