The other Ancelotti: tobacco, cheese, the Salesians, light bulbs…

ANDtonight, Carlo Ancelotti seeks to be one step away from being the coach who has won the European Cup the most times. He has three, like Zidane (Real Madrid) and paisley (Liverpool); the two with Milan and one with his current team. In addition, he lost that incredible 2005 in which his Milan won 0-3 at halftime at Liverpool.

They are familiar things, but there is another Ancelottithe one shown in Valdan Universe. The one with the least exposed things.

chewing gum

“I used to like to smoke, now I enjoy electric cigarettes. I used to smoke a lot. That’s what chewing gum is for. The worst of matches is in the preview, when you imagine the worst. Over the years it happens to me more”.

Who knows football?

“The good thing about football is that everyone can have an opinion. Luckily, there is no University”.

His town

“Reggiolo is a small town in Padania, in the north. In summer it is very humid and has mosquitoes; in winter it is very cold. For me it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. My father had land and cows. It is a land of cheese. They paid you after a year, so my father had to fix all that. I didn’t understand what was going on, but my father was very calm. The family was very close. That’s in my character.”


“My mother didn’t want me to leave. She didn’t care about football at all. I went with the priests, the Salesians. I learned a lot about discipline. They were very strict, but I learned a lot and I appreciate it. When I came back home it was difficult to go back”.

what study?

“I ended up as an electrical expert, so if a light bulb needs to be changed, you can count on me. I finished it when I was captain of Roma, in 1987.”

his knees

“I had two serious knee injuries, one in each, 1981 and 1983. It’s a constant thought even today. It doesn’t hurt, but it is something that is there. I take care of myself, with the pool… When I played for Milan They took me away, I got hot and after three minutes I was fine. But they had already taken me away!”

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I voted for Berlusconi

“He was an innovator in everything he touched. His goal was to win the League, the Champions League in the Intercontinental in two years. And he did it. He was a great president. I voted for him as a politician. He’s a genius. He beat me up, because he likes to talk football, but he always came when things were going well; if they went bad, no. I knew how to choose the moments. I never had a president who told me to put a player; I know he asked me about my decisions”.

Robert Baggio

“We were able to sign him for Parma. We played 4-4-2. I spoke to him and he told me he wanted to play as a midfielder, so the system had to be changed because he already had two strikers. I told him no; if they ask me today, I say Baggio and we changed the system. I went to Juve, with the idea of ​​4-4-2… and I found Zidane. So I learned to adapt to the players”.


“The fans hated me for my past in Milan and Rome. There was a day when I had to go out protected after training. It was hard. I was good at the club. Moggigate I think it was good for Italian football. At the club I felt good.”

type of presidents

“I prefer the one who is like an amateur than a businessman. They make the club a family thing. I prefer to work in a family than in an industry.”

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“It’s another culture, there is no violence. Everything is colder. You feel less, the concept of working for an entity is more. The organization is fantastic, I learned a lot.”


“First, it is to thank him. I learned that they get tired of your work, they are within their rights. The relationship with him was distant and very respectful. I have grown up with respect for people, I saw it in my house. There is the person and the player; it is the coach who decides who goes to the bench, not the person. You have to distinguish”.


“He’s been a Madrid fan since he was a child. I was a fan of Inter when I was little, and even when I was at Milan, something of that remained. He’s been a Madrid fan since I was little. My heart is with Madrid and Milan. It’s the same as before, about people. This Florentino is calmer, because of what he has won and because of the idea he has for the club of the future. There is no pride here if you don’t win”.

when i was a player

“The training sessions were a physical massacre, to bring those who designed them to court. I’ve been through surgery about 15 times. Now, the players take more care of themselves and they are cared for more. If you are a serious and humble professional, you can play until 40”.

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Your family ‘staff’

“Davide has a sword on him (laughs). he is very serious. He has understood very well what it means to say that he is there because he is the son of who he is. I think he has helped him being my son. He has made him be more responsible and show what he has to be there.”


“We have to cut it down, but it’s not a Madrid-Chelsea that needs to be reduced. With that, I’ve said it all. If the player gets tired, we have a problem.”

What would you like for your future?

It’s a joke, huh. I would like to be a professor at a football university to examine those who give their opinion about football to give them the certificate of whether they can give their opinion or not. Now seriously. There are a lot of things to do. I have enjoyed all stages of my life. And I think that when I stop training I will also enjoy it. Travel, enjoy life with Marian, my wife. And being a fan of Madrid, Milan and the team my son coaches.”

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The other Ancelotti: tobacco, cheese, the Salesians, light bulbs…