Ancelotti: “We depend on Benzema, and I’m very happy about it”

Carlo Ancelotti has had no qualms about ensuring that his team is dependent on Benzema. Moreover, he has explained that he is very happy that it is so. The Real Madrid coach is clear that Chelsea is not the tired team that Tuchel insinuated after the 1-3 and makes it clear that Madrid was the only way out of Everton, not even a possible call from the Italian team.


“We depend on Benzema, it’s like that, we’re not going to deny it. And I’m very happy that we’re dependent on Karim. It’s a reality, and it’s a good thing”.

Call from Real Madrid

“It was the only team I couldn’t say no to. If anyone else had come, I would have stayed at Everton. I was very good there. If Madrid is happy at the end of the season, I think I’ll continue to be happy, like now”.


“Sometimes I’ve thought about going to a national team, but I like it day to day. I was able to go to Italy in 2018. Until I change that chip in my head I’m not going to go to a national team. I don’t like working three times a day. year. If I lose that desire from day to day, I stop. Of course it was a great experience being on the staff at the 1994 World Cup, but I like the work of the clubs”.

Casemir 2014-2022

“He has accumulated experience, personality… He is a very important piece, and will be in the future. There are very few in the world who can do what he does.”

Tuchel’s message

“Chelsea is going to try. It’s the spirit of football and big teams, which never give up.”

Bringing Benzema and Haaland together

“What a question! I can’t answer. I’m just saying that Karim is a modern center forward and what is required of strikers. Everything, including defensive work. He is the perfect representation of what a center forward should be in today’s football.” “.


“No one can say that they are going to win it. Many things count in this competition, beyond tactics”.

Your message

“I am lucky to have a squad that knows these situations very well. We will certainly not come out relaxed. We are a happy team, and aware of what lies ahead”.

More physical game and Valverde

“The line-up, we’ll see. We’d like the same game as there. We have to be prepared for everything, for a change from Chelsea in their way of playing, because what they did in London didn’t work out for them.”


“Everyone knows it’s going to be difficult, beyond 1-3. We’ll have to suffer and fight, for sure. We’re waiting for a rival who will do their best to get through the tie”.

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Ancelotti: “We depend on Benzema, and I’m very happy about it”