Ancelotti’s plan that ends the ghosts of 2015

Chen the real Madrid I decided to recover Carlo Ancelotti, the first thing that came to mind for Real Madrid fans was the Tenth. The second, the collapse of 2015. The Italian coach only spent two seasons with the white team because in his second year he did not win any of the big three. that season, the 14-15, Madrid was a plane in the first section and collapsed in the second. LaLiga was fought until the end and in Champions He was eliminated against Juventus in the semi-finals, but showing important signs of weakness. Physically, the team arrived dead and the good football of the first round was forgotten. Destitute.

This season the ghosts of the collapse returned to hover over the Santiago Bernabu in February. The defeat in the Cup against Athletic and the 1-0 in the Champions League against PSG in the same week they set off the alarms at Real Madrid. And all eyes turned to Carletto. “He’s played with the same guys all season…” or “the team is dead” were the two most repeated phrases in the press and among fans. Ancelotti, the calmest of all, warned. “We are not tired, the same as then will not happen…”. I had already noticed it also in the month of June, the day of his presentation. “We are going to repeat something good. I think I am a better coach than in the first stage.”

Ancelotti He knew perfectly well that the work he was doing was good and that as soon as the results accompanied and the pothole that all teams go through throughout the season was overcome, his players would pick up cruising speed again. It has been that way since March, except for tripping over the Barcelona, from which Real Madrid has risen by winning all the games. “I don’t usually make mistakes twice,” insists Ancelotti, who has found his best allies in the people who make up his coaching staff.

Ancelotti It has a more modern staff than in its first stage. Leaning on Davide in the technical area, on a goalkeeping coach like Llopiswhich in addition to having Courtois at the best moment of his career analyzes rivals and outlines strategies, and in Pintus, the excellent Italian physical trainer, Ancelotti has the team in perfect review condition.

Sweeps in League and Champions

Madrid is making a difference at a technical and physical level both in the League and in the Champions League. The whites are finishing the games better than their rivals, destroying the theory of mandatory rotations. The good physical preparation of Pintus is making the difference in the final stretch, as it did at the start. Only in the 16-17 season, with Zidane Y Pintus On the bench, Madrid showed this level of play and physicality.

Looking ahead to the tie against City, the sensations are unbeatable. Ancelotti knows that the team will fight tat with Guardiola’s team. He may or may not go to the final, but he knows that he will not collapse as in 2015, but in the rival area and leaving every last drop of sweat in the Santiago Bernabu. With LaLiga won, the Champions League is already the great goal. Everything to the City to close a course that is already almost outstanding. There was no collapse. There is illusion.

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Ancelotti’s plan that ends the ghosts of 2015