The unknown side of ‘the Pogba’: excessive spending and robberies with hooded men

Bill Russells 6 will retire from the entire NBA

MAthias Pogba spent his first night in prison accused of participating in a bizarre blackmail against his little brother and world champion with France, Paul. New and disturbing data about the investigation of this fact have been spread this Sunday by the local press. Mathias, 32, and the other four defendants -all childhood friends of … Read more

Offer for Pogba

Offer for Pogba

Around with Pogba, so they continue in the red zone of Manchester. The French midfielder’s contract expires in June and can’t find the winning petal to the daisy of his future. At Daily Mail They update their situation and, while they indicate that they do not rule out staying at United, a decision that they … Read more

Pogba finally returns to Manchester United: How much have his goals and assists cost?

Pogba finally returns to Manchester United How much have his

This Friday, Manchester United had the return of midfielder Paul Pogba, who was injured in November 2021 during training with the French team and has not played since. according to the coach Ralf Rannick, the Frenchman had high chances of being a starter in the duel against Middlesbrough for the fourth phase of the FA … Read more

The United does not contemplate right now to renew Pogba

Lto adventure of Paul pogba at Manchester United he is trained in the final stretch. The French, who has injured with his selection and that he will not reappear for this reason until 2022, will go free next June. Despite the fact that the footballer is debated between a new adventure in another club or … Read more

Pogba, getting easier

The coordinates for the possible arrival of Paul Pogba to Real Madrid they begin to show a path. Manchester United has not renounced either officially or unofficially its idea of ​​getting him to renew, but each week that the midfielder spends at Old Trafford, the more rarefied the atmosphere between the international bleu and his … Read more

Pogba is still possible


Paul pogba (28 years old) returns to enter with force at Real Madrid radar. The Frenchman is in his last year of contract with him Manchester United, has not renewed, and presents itself as a fantastic market opportunity for get free when the current season ends. At white club are aware of it and have … Read more

Barça-2022: Olmo, the objective; Haaland, the dream and Pogba, the opportunity


The FC Barcelona already working for the future with key renovations of Ansu, Dembélé and Pedri up and running and already thinking of being able to compete better in the market so as not to lag behind its rivals. After failing to retain Messi and have detached from Griezmann reducing the salary mass from 100% … Read more

Pogba has everything to win; the candidate of Real Madrid and PSG has the future in his hands

Paul pogbaThe Manchester United midfielder has set a searing pace in the race for the award for the player with the most assists in the 2021-22 Premier Legue to date. In two games he already has five assists for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team, more than he gave in three of his five full seasons at … Read more