The United does not contemplate right now to renew Pogba

Lto adventure of Paul pogba at Manchester United he is trained in the final stretch. The French, who has injured with his selection and that he will not reappear for this reason until 2022, will go free next June. Despite the fact that the footballer is debated between a new adventure in another club or signing his last great contract in Old Trafford, the reality is that Red Devils, to this day, they do not contemplate facing a second operation with the French of such magnitude.

Confidence between the two parties has been weakening in recent months. His muscle injury with France It was only the last push, but there is no doubt that the stage to sign a new contract, considering that the player charges 12 million right now of euros, it is not ideal if you cannot show what you are worth in the field.

So was Pogba’s injury in training with France …

And that’s something that Pogba is experiencing this season. The blushing loss to Liverpool, that ended with the player sent off and three games of sanction, did not help either. United, who came to pay 105 million to Juventus for the player, plus the commission of his agent and the footballer’s salary, all of which exceeded 200 million, he does not see the transfer as profitable now.

With United already almost ruled out, the candidates are not many either because there are not so many clubs that lend themselves to such an important operation. And it is that although there is no transfer, the transfer bonus for the player and Raiola again to be the subject of discussion with the suiting clubs. There is talk of Juventus, PSG and Real Madrid, because in the Premier is almost ruled out after playing in Old Trafford.

Madrid thinks about Pogba

At Real Madrid he has never taken the step with Pogba. Although now it is closer than ever and, as Florentino Prez himself has confessed Now we have to look for free players above all for the compromisary members, there is still a division of opinions. In the noble zone, the French midfielder has never fallen in love. However, to Ancelotti likes him and also several players who know him well, such as Kylian Mbapp and Karim Benzema.

Madrid knows that reinforcing the core is an issue that must be addressed sooner rather than later. Even though I eat MARCA has advanced, Modric continue for another year, until 2023, in that presentation of the new Bernabu not only being the Croatian at the end. The other objective is Mbapp and there will already be a midfielder by then. Pogba has some ballots to be there, but he is not the only one.


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The United does not contemplate right now to renew Pogba