Hazard is finally reunited

For Hazard, these matches with Belgium are like summer homework for the student who did not study during the course. If he fills them out well, he hopes not to repeat, which in his case is to hope that the white club maintains a minimum illusion of recovering part of the player that he was, … Read more

MLB: Commissioner Rob Manfred finally makes an appearance in negotiations

Negotiations between the MLBPA and the owners of the baseball teams MLB have gained intensity this week before the threat of the commissioner Rob Manfred that if no agreement was reached on a new employment contract by February 28Or, the regular season would officially be delayed, with fewer than 162 games being played. The truth … Read more

MLB: The pitcher that the Yankees signed in 2020 and is getting ready to finally make his debut with New York

Minor league spring training is underway, and players not on teams’ 40-man rosters are not affected by the ongoing lockout. The former reliever of the Cardinals and Reds, Matt Bowman30 years old and 1.83 meters tall, is currently not a member of the union, as he is in the camp with the New York Yankees … Read more

Pogba finally returns to Manchester United: How much have his goals and assists cost?

This Friday, Manchester United had the return of midfielder Paul Pogba, who was injured in November 2021 during training with the French team and has not played since. according to the coach Ralf Rannick, the Frenchman had high chances of being a starter in the duel against Middlesbrough for the fourth phase of the FA … Read more

Real Madrid has a ‘treble’ in sight if it finally improves its performance in the Copa del Rey

At first glance, this Thursday’s hostile Copa del Rey showdown, when Real Madrid visit San Mames to take on Athletic Bilbao, will be yet another episode in the White House’s disconcerting and disappointing love-hate relationship with the historic competition. of the Spanish Cup. From a distance, Madrid’s record of winning just two Copas del Rey … Read more

Matthew Stafford finally sees reward in the NFL

Mexico City Before the 2021-22 season, when searching for “high effort, low reward quarterback” on the internet, the image of matthew Stafford was the immediate answer. Not only that, but Matt’s hard work and little reward, in terms of wins, playoff games and championships, had him as one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the … Read more

MLB: Shohei Ohtani finally speaks about the controversy of why ‘he doesn’t speak English’

2021 was undoubtedly the year of Shohei Ohtani in MLB, where he was the true star of the Big Tent and showed off with a season never before seen in all history, managing to have success both as a batter and a pitcherr. However, the year could not come without some controversy, since during the … Read more