She is an artisan and the cup she made with her hands ended up in the most famous photo of Messi by mistake

She is an artisan and the cup she made with

Lionel Messi holds the world cup after winning the title with the Argentine National Team at the Lusail stadium: it is the replica that Eliana Pantano made but no one knows yet (REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach) Eliana Pantano had had enough. She had already touched the sky with her artisan hands once, a few years ago, when … Read more

MLB: Another catastrophe? The new debacle of the Philadelphia Phillies when they had everything in their hands

Ronald Acuna Jr revela a lo que se hubiera dedicado

The Philadelphia Phillies entered this September in good position to make their first postseason appearance since 2011. At the time, they held the second NL wild card and they were three games ahead of the Milwaukee Brewers for a playoff spot. But a September losing streak has changed that for the Phillies, something all too … Read more

Luis Campos: PSG hands over the keys to its project to its worst enemy

Luis Campos PSG hands over the keys to its project

“If you can not beat them, join them”, Paris Saint-Germain must have thought to, at the proposal of Kylian Mbappé, deliver him the ‘keys’ of his new project to Luís Filipe Hipólito Reis Pedrosa Campos (Esposende, 1964). The one who was a ‘scout’ for Real Madrid during José Mourinho’s time had become the particular ‘kryptonite’ … Read more

Nets rub their hands for having Irving at home

1648089192 Nets rub their hands for having Irving at home

Facing the final part of the regular season and an imminent appearance in the Playoffs, the Brooklyn Nets are rubbing their hands so that New York’s vaccination mandate is revoked as soon as possible and in this way they can count on their starting point guard, the australian Kyrie Irving. On Wednesday morning, ESPN’s Adrian … Read more

Courtois, hands of saint

1645175651 Courtois hands of saint

If he Real Madrid maintains long live the tie against PSG For the resolution of the Bernabéu, Thibaut’s left mitten owes it Courtois. The one that took the penalty shot by Messi that would have, if we count the subsequent work of art by Mbappé, put the pass to the quarterfinals in Chinese for Ancelotti’s … Read more

MLB: Report indicates that the 29 teams want a luxury tax to ‘tie the hands’ of the Yankees

MLB Report indicates that the 29 teams want a

Historically, the new york yankees They are the team that spends the most on players in all MLB and who is always looking break the market with high-profile firms; however, in recent years this has not been the case and they have rarely reached for the checkbook to sign the best available free agents. However, … Read more

NBA: the longest winning shot in history, in the hands of Devonte Graham: this is how the game between New Orleans Pelicans and Oklahoma City Thunder was defined

NBA the longest winning shot in history in the hands

The first expression is one of astonishment and then a single qualifier may appear: “Impressive.” The NBA is the league in which all these things become almost commonplace. And what happened in the Thunder house will remain to be remembered. Devonte graham he scored the longest winning pitch in NBA history, according to data from … Read more