The unknown side of ‘the Pogba’: excessive spending and robberies with hooded men

MAthias Pogba spent his first night in prison accused of participating in a bizarre blackmail against his little brother and world champion with France, Paul. New and disturbing data about the investigation of this fact have been spread this Sunday by the local press.

Mathias, 32, and the other four defendants -all childhood friends of Roissy-en-Brie from the Pogba clan- They have denied before the judge their participation in the extortion and kidnapping of the Juventus playerto which they would have demanded 13 million, and they have assured that they acted under the pressure of another group, of which they could not give details.

This line of defense, which is the same as that already made public by Mathias, is based on mysterious violent attacks that all the defendants have confirmed suffering in recent months, although without having denounced them to the authorities at the time.

Among them, an assault last July perpetrated by armed hooded men against three of the suspects (Mathias Pogba included). That same month, the vehicle of another of the defendants, identified as Mamadou, was set on fire.

The most serious incident reported by one of his suspects (identified as K.) was a shot that hit his hand during a robbery. by a group of four men. This allegation was verified by the authorities, since it was shown that the accused was in a Parisian hospital to treat the wound.

Of the most serious suspicions that weigh on the group of friends, that of kidnapping with a weapon -for which Mathias was not incriminated-, all stand out.

On June 19, during a training camp for the French national team, Paul went to visit his childhood friends, who took him to an apartment in Lagny-sur-Marne. There, where Mathias was not present, but the friends accused today were, some hooded men armed with assault rifles burst in demanding the 13 million in exchange for protection services.

The defendants have asserted to the judge that they were forced to put Paul in that violent situation.

However, the Juve player clarified to the investigators that his relatives had already reproached him during that night for “having left them aside.” “I was scared,” confessed the French international, who was held until 4 in the morning.


Precisely the suspicious interests of Paul’s childhood friends have been somehow exposed. After that event, the player tries to make a transfer of 11 millionbut your bank denies it. The midfielder alleges having transferred 100,000 euros to another of those accused today, B. (brother of K.)something denied by the defendant.

A few days after the kidnapping, relatives of Paul showed up at the Adidas store on the Champs-Elysees and spent up to 47,000 euros on sports equipment that they charged to the credit that the medium has with that sports brand. Nevertheless, this credit has a limit of 30,000 euros. Paul went to pay the remaining 17,000.

Subsequently, and allegedly aided by Mathias, the group of relatives pressured and harassed both the French international and his entourage (his mother Yeo Moriba and his representative, the Brazilian Rafaela Pimenta) for months.

With the investigation underway for weeks, Paul’s brother decided to make the matter public with a strange video at the end of August, when he spoke of “surprising revelations” about the Juve midfielder and about Kylian Mbapp.

Mathias said that his brother had hired a sorcerer to cast an evil eye on the PSG striker and national team colleague, an extreme denied by the former Manchester United footballer.

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The unknown side of ‘the Pogba’: excessive spending and robberies with hooded men