Pogba, getting easier

The coordinates for the possible arrival of Paul Pogba to Real Madrid they begin to show a path. Manchester United has not renounced either officially or unofficially its idea of ​​getting him to renew, but each week that the midfielder spends at Old Trafford, the more rarefied the atmosphere between the international bleu and his still team. There is, of course, no help from the bench: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has put the cross on him and Pogba himself was unhinged with a self-expulsion against Liverpool. Your days like Red Devil they start to seem numbered.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

The outright humiliation (0-5) against Liverpool this past Sunday was the penultimate step towards breaking up. Pogba was a substitute again, for the second time in a row after the substitution against Atalanta in the Champions League last Wednesday, and this time it wasn’t just another game, because United-Liverpool are big words in England. To aggravate the matter, when his coach gave way to him at half-time and with 0-4 on the scoreboard, the media showed that right now he has his head elsewhere. He lost the ball for the fifth goal of the reds and immediately afterwards he won the red one for an entrance with the iron that sent Naby Keita to the band on a stretcher.

The referee Anthony Taylor opted for a yellow first, but the VAR corrected him. Roja and Pogba who went looking at the lying and without making any attempt to protest the decision. Even United legend Gary Neville was blunt on Sky Sports: “It’s red, it’s one of those tickets that have to stop being made”. The British media were not far behind. “It was a malicious kick”, public The Telegraph.

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Pogba’s entrance to Keita that led to the red one.

Tension grows with Solskjaer …

Expulsion aside, the disconnection between Solskjaer, who prefers McTominay and Fred as midfielders and a drawing that favors Cristiano over Pogba, and the Frenchman, which has come to question the tactical methods of the Norwegian coach, it could not be more accentuated. Hence The months that remain until April, when Mino Raiola (Pogba’s agent) has told United that he will begin to discuss the future of the Frenchman, they seem long and beneficial to the interests of Madrid. A disgruntled Pogba at United is an incentive for him to change his scene and seek refuge in a new Bernabéu where he has friendly faces. Benzema, Mendy, Camavinga … and soon if the white plans continue their course, also Mbappé.

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Pogba, getting easier