Oribe Peralta: It didn’t hurt me not to have retired with Santos

Oribe Peralta It didnt hurt me not to have retired

The former striker stated that inactivity at Chivas was not a reason for his professional retirement and that Santos will always be special, even if he has not had the opportunity to retire at the club Oribe Peralta has publicly expressed his love for Santos Laguna, a team with which he had two stages during … Read more

Oribe Peralta: “The Mexican player is not allowed to make mistakes, while the foreigner is”

Oribe Peralta The Mexican player is not allowed to make

Peralta spoke with ESPN Digital about the few opportunities national players have in Liga MX. After the experience accumulated in a 19-year career in Mexican soccer, Oribe Peralta mentioned in an interview for ESPN, that the Mexican footballer needs the opportunity to make mistakes in order to exploit his potential in national football, something that … Read more

United States and Canada above Mexico: Oribe Peralta abandoned soccer, but before leaving he attacked Mexican soccer players

United States and Canada above Mexico Oribe Peralta abandoned soccer

“Brush” scored 25 goals with El Tri. Photo: Etzel Espinosa / Imago7 Oribe Peralta finished a successful career in the mexican soccer. The former striker for the Mexican national team showed that you don’t need to come to Europe to be considered with El Tri. But nevertheless, the “Brush” criticized the new generation of Aztec … Read more

Oribe Peralta announces his retirement as a professional player

Oribe Peralta announces his retirement as a professional player

The striker, at 38 years old, and not finding a new team, says goodbye to the courts Oribe Peralta announced this Wednesday his goodbye from the courts, just after turning 38 and after being cut off from Chivas and not finding a good option to continue his career. The historic Mexican striker, who debuted in … Read more

Oribe expects ‘opportunity’ in Chivas or elsewhere

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Physically, Oribe Peralta feels good, which is why he waits for an opportunity in Chivas or else he looks for it elsewhere. Chivas striker Oribe Peralta assured that, although he has not spoken with the Guadalajara board about his future, for now he feels physically well, which is why he hopes that there is the … Read more

Oribe Peralta reaffirms his love for Santos, despite being in the military with Chivas

Oribe Peralta congratulated Santos Laguna on his anniversary; In an interview for ESPN, he assured that his heart was still painted green and white On the 38th anniversary of Santos Laguna, Oribe Peralta once again showed his love for green and white colors by congratulating the Comarca teamHowever, despite currently playing with Chivas, the Mexican … Read more