Oribe Peralta reaffirms his love for Santos, despite being in the military with Chivas

Oribe Peralta congratulated Santos Laguna on his anniversary; In an interview for ESPN, he assured that his heart was still painted green and white

On the 38th anniversary of Santos Laguna, Oribe Peralta once again showed his love for green and white colors by congratulating the Comarca teamHowever, despite currently playing with Chivas, the Mexican forward reaffirmed in his message posted on Twitter, his feelings towards the Torreón team.

“#ModoGuerrero always !! since it is a way of facing life. Happy anniversary! Club Santos”.

This is not the first time that Peralta mentions that Santos will always be the team of his loves. In the Clausura 2016 tournament in which Oribe was a benchmark for America, in an interview for ESPN, he assured that, despite being considered one of the new benchmarks of the azulcrema team, his heart was still painted green and white, the colors of Santos.

“It is the team that I supported, the one that I carry in my heart for so much that I lived and spent there, but now I want to win. I am in that process of loving (America) and for me it is an important opportunity that they gave me that opportunity and trusted in me and I want to give them back the confidence they gave me, “commented ‘Cepillo’.

Meanwhile, the league titles he won with the azulcrema team in the 2014 Clausura and the CONCACAF Champions League Championship were not enough for Oribe to “love” Santos more than America.

The red-and-white colors have not made Peralta “forget” his love for Santos either.. Last May, the winner of the Olympic medal with the Mexican Soccer Team in London 2012, published his visit at the TSM, the stadium of the Lagunero team.

Users on Instagram suggested Oribe to hang up his boots wearing Santos’ shirt to become league champion, with which Peralta replied that “he would be the happiest”, a response that did not please the rojiblanca fans at all since on several occasions it has been mentioned that Chivas and the board are contemplating him so that he has a place in the Guadalajara structure after retiring of football.

Chivas is on tour in the United States during this FIFA Date, in which they will face the America In one more edition of the “National Classic” however, despite the fact that in the 2020 Guard1anes edition, Peralta was criticized by the Guadalajara fans when he effusively greeted his former Americanist teammates after Chivas’ defeat against the eagles, the forward did again account this gesture in an event prior to the meeting this Sunday.