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One of the positive news that aspired to appear in all the analyzes of the Madrid season was the good pairing that Militao and Alaba had made as a pair of central defenders. Faced with the difficult task of making the lasting Varane-Ramos duo forget, the Brazilian and the Austrian had responded perfectly to the … Read more

Oribe Peralta reaffirms his love for Santos, despite being in the military with Chivas

Oribe Peralta congratulated Santos Laguna on his anniversary; In an interview for ESPN, he assured that his heart was still painted green and white On the 38th anniversary of Santos Laguna, Oribe Peralta once again showed his love for green and white colors by congratulating the Comarca teamHowever, despite currently playing with Chivas, the Mexican … Read more

Koreans forced to do military service after losing to Mexico

Koreans forced to do military service after losing to

Editorial Mediotiempo Japan / 07.31.2021 18:42:03 The images of the players korean destroyed after losing the quarterfinal duel of Olympic Games in view of Mexico They have gone around the world, since their crying would have a reason beyond sports. Although it is normal to see football players cry when they are eliminated from some … Read more