Carlos Delfino returns to the basketball team at the age of 39 | The escort was summoned by DT Néstor García for the November windows

The presence of Carlos Delfino is the great novelty of the first call-up list carried out by coach Néstor García, who this Thursday summoned 17 players for the FIBA ​​window in November, qualifying for the World Cup. Delfino, who plays in the Italian League, was not in a call-up since he was part of the … Read more

Néstor García and the future of the Argentine Basketball National Team

The “Ché”, brand new chief strategist of the national basketball team, spoke about the future of the selected team and revealed that he called the Sheep Hernández, Lamas and Magnano as soon as he took office. A month and a handful of days ago Nestor “Che” Garcia was named by the Argentine Basketball Confederation as … Read more

Néstor García: “Basketball is more logical because it is played with the hands, but there is a lot of strategy and tactics”

Special guest. The ESPN Show program, by Alejandro Fantino, had a luxury interviewee this Wednesday: Néstor García, the brand new coach of the Argentine basketball team. Che, as he is known in the environment, he shared his feelings in the new position and did not avoid any questions. García told how he analyzes, thinks and … Read more

Che García: ‘We are not afraid to play against anyone’

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In life everything comes. Despite the exceptions that the previously written phrase may have, there is no doubt that a Nestor Garcia it fits perfectly. After more than 30 years as basketball coach, Che was made official last Tuesday as coach of the Argentine National Team and has already had his first official press conference, … Read more

The Bahian Néstor “Che” García is the new coach of the Argentine basketball team, replacing Sergio Hernández


CAB The bahiense Nestor “Che” Garcia, 56, in the new coach of the Argentine basketball team, replacing Sergio Hernandez, and will debut in office on November 25 when the team host Paraguay in the tie for the 2023 World Cup, which will be jointly organized by the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia, as announced by the … Read more

Néstor García, a basketball student loaded with histrionics

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The Argentine basketball team, illuminated by the stars of the Golden Generation, faced a weighty task: he was the host in Mar del Plata for the Tournament of the Americas that awarded two places for the London Olympic Games. The main coach was Julio Lamas, who had returned to the national team for his second … Read more

The keys to Néstor García’s project with the Argentine basketball team

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Che was introduced as coach of the basketball team and shared details of his plan for the team he inherited from El Oveja: “It’s not just about adding, but about multiplying.” Gabriel Cottone 09/16/2021 01:36 pm After the departure from Sergio Hernandez as a coach, the Argentina basketball team made the arrival of Nestor Garcia, … Read more

Néstor García was presented at a press conference

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In a press conference organized by CAB (Argentine Basketball Confederation), the brand new coach Néstor García spoke with the specialized press after his arrival in the National Team and was present. The former coach of Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, with past in countless teams around the world, He comes as a replacement for … Read more

Néstor García is the new coach of the Argentine National Team

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“At last it happened… This is a dream and, at the same time, a great responsibility. The biggest of my career. That is why I want to thank all those who have allowed me to get here and the trust of President Fabián Borro and the Board of Directors of the Confederation. And also announce … Read more