The Bahian Néstor “Che” García is the new coach of the Argentine basketball team, replacing Sergio Hernández


The bahiense Nestor “Che” Garcia, 56, in the new coach of the Argentine basketball team, replacing Sergio Hernandez, and will debut in office on November 25 when the team host Paraguay in the tie for the 2023 World Cup, which will be jointly organized by the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia, as announced by the Argentine Basketball Confederation (CAB).

At last it happened. This is a dream and, at the same time, a Big responsibility. The biggest of my career. That is why I want to thank all those who have allowed me to get here and the confidence of the president of the CAB, Fabián Borro, and the Board of Directors of the Confederation ”said García, who began his career as a coach at 23 years of age.

Garcia started directing professionally in Puerto Rico in 1989, to Gigantes de Carolina. In 1990, at the age of 25, he made his debut in the National Basketball League, directing Estudiantes, from Bahía Blanca, his hometown. At the local level, he won the League for Peñarol, from Mar del Plata, in 1994 and the Super 20 for San Lorenzo in 2019. In total, he led 21 teams from nine countries; He faced 15 finals and won 9.

“I want to announce that what is mine it will not be a personalist driving. It will go through listening, composing, continuing and surrounding myself with the best. A new cycle begins in Argentine basketball, always respecting a legacy. I am eager and excited to go for it big goal for Argentina to remain in the elite of world basketball ”, added the technical director.

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For his part, Borro was satisfied with the agreement with García: “Néstor’s choice is that of a natural candidate for this position as absolute coach of the Argentine team. Due to his ability, gift of people, charisma and great international experience, he is a permanent candidate and reference of many presidents of the area to lead their selections. His extensive and successful career led him to meet important goals in different teams and we felt that it was time for him to take charge of ours, ”said the president of CAB and Obras Sanitarias.

Swen Pförtner / DPA

The Dominican Republic is one of the American teams that García directed, with success. (Swen Pförtner / DPA /)

In charge of selected teams, he was consecrated three times in Venezuela, between 2013 and 2016: he won two South American championships (2014, beating Argentina in the final, and 2016, beating Brazil) and one in America, the pre-Olympic Mexico 2015. That was extraordinary: in the semifinals the red team beat Canada despite the fact that it had nine NBA players, and in the final, the Argentina of Luis Scola, Andrés Nocioni
and Facundo Campazzo, with which Venezuela achieved an Olympic qualification after 24 years.

García had an experience in the Argentine national team: he obtained the South American 2012, as assistant to Julio Lamas.