Villa Clara leaves Santiago to the field, 5-4

Villa Clara leaves Santiago to the field 5 4

It is played by the Schiller rule 10 The game ends, 5-4, with a victory for Villa Clara Santiago de Cuba: Marcos Fonseca in 1B and William Mustellier Poulot in 2B. Batea Francisco Martínez reaches base on a play by fielder’s choice and Mustelier is out 16 forced at 3B. Yoelkis Gibert hits for a … Read more

With the return of Carlos Delfino, Che García gave his first list in the Argentine basketball team

Che García, coach of the Argentine basketball team Excessive illusion. The era of Néstor García at the head of the National Team begins. And, incidentally, the road to the 2023 World Cup that will be played in three countries (Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia). On the 26th and 27th of this month, in Buenos Aires, … Read more

Che García: ‘The players are going to leave their lives’

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Nestor Garcia, 56 years old, globetrotting coach in 31 club cycles and (five) national teams, is like when, at 23 years old, Julio Toro called him to collaborate with him in a Puerto Rican team (in that country he was nicknamed by the influence of Ernesto Guevara in the Caribbean, by relating him to Argentina). … Read more

Che García, the new coach of the basketball team: ‘I’m only now beginning to believe that I deserved it’

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Nestor Garcia He grabbed his phone, saw the caller’s name on the screen, and answered. -I need to talk with you. -I tell you yes. “I knew it was for that,” he says Che, who during the 40 minute interview with Clarion he will not be able (nor will he; why do it, after all) … Read more

Che García: ‘We are not afraid to play against anyone’

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In life everything comes. Despite the exceptions that the previously written phrase may have, there is no doubt that a Nestor Garcia it fits perfectly. After more than 30 years as basketball coach, Che was made official last Tuesday as coach of the Argentine National Team and has already had his first official press conference, … Read more

The Bahian Néstor “Che” García is the new coach of the Argentine basketball team, replacing Sergio Hernández


CAB The bahiense Nestor “Che” Garcia, 56, in the new coach of the Argentine basketball team, replacing Sergio Hernandez, and will debut in office on November 25 when the team host Paraguay in the tie for the 2023 World Cup, which will be jointly organized by the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia, as announced by the … Read more

The ‘Che’ García, presented in the Basketball National Team: ‘It is the dream of every coach here and abroad’

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Day C arrived for Néstor García: the day Che. The new coach of the Argentine basketball team He made his formal presentation at noon this Thursday, in modern style, at a press conference via Zoom. “I am very happy for this appointment, it’s a blessing to me“, he assured from New York, previous step since … Read more

Néstor “Che” García, coach of the basketball team: the coach of the thousand stories, the 21 teams and the nine countries


Santiago Cichero / AFV Everyone knew it was going to be Che. Not only because of his enormous capacity, his personality, his stamp, his achievements, but because he was in the plans of the Argentine Basketball Confederation (CAB) since Fabián Borro began his administration. What happened this Tuesday is that the news was officially reported. … Read more

The basketball team already has the successor of ‘Oveja’ Hernández on the bench: Néstor ‘el Che’ García will be the coach

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Some days ago it was officially over the cycle of Sergio Hernandez on the Argentine basketball team. There were six high-flying seasons, with a team that was always the protagonist and that, in the hours that were presumed darkest after leaving the staff of the Golden Generation, ended up achieving one of the greatest achievements … Read more