Néstor García and the future of the Argentine Basketball National Team

The “Ché”, brand new chief strategist of the national basketball team, spoke about the future of the selected team and revealed that he called the Sheep Hernández, Lamas and Magnano as soon as he took office.

A month and a handful of days ago Nestor “Che” Garcia was named by the Argentine Basketball Confederation as the replacement for Sergio Hernandez, to assume the technical direction of the Argentina Selection. Today, the Bahiense spoke about the future of the national team and revealed that it was the first thing he did when assuming his new role.

“Making a career as a coach is not easy, I took the risk of making my way, and I recognize the coaches who were before in the Argentine National Team. In the first 10 days that I was appointed as the new coach, I was in charge of calling Magnano, Lamas and the “Sheep” Hernández, to speak and capture what they told me, that was the first thing I did “, began by telling Garcia in dialogue with Milenium Sports, and then adding: “I can understand international basketball, but it is the national team of my country, that’s why I wanted to talk to them.”

Then, he spoke about his day-to-day work and the next short-term goal for the national team: “It’s a lot of work off the court, I’m seeing a lot of things, I What I am thinking about now is the ranking, it is something key, we have to think about being seeded in the World Cup, I am fully involved in that ”.

Likewise, he was very clear when talking about the calendar, local competition and the next commitments that the national team will have to face in the future: “The local competition has its itinerary, and I cannot have the players for as long as I want, and I understand it because there is a local competition, there is not much time”, and then add on the use of technology and how it should adapt to direct a selection: “You have to adapt to being a coach, which is different from being a coach, the selection has to be made up of players that you think are going to produce you at that moment, you have to send them a lot of information about what you are going to do, with scouting, with videos, with big data, that they see it and when they come they already have it incorporated a lot of things, because later we don’t have time ”.

Garcia and Campazzo

“The Argentine player has an incredible background of knowledge of the game, within what would not be ideal, the knowledge of the Argentine player makes it easier for you”, García synthesized about the Argentine basketball player and his virtues.

To later rule on the new captain Facundo Campazzo: “Facundo is a generator of energy, he is a warrior, humble, he has many conditions, he is a group composer, I feel that he has earned it, his place as captain is super deserved.”

To conclude, “Che” does not want to enter into the dizziness of his new role, he knows that the future of Argentina is that of a transition stage and he is optimistic and eager for what is to come: “My goal is to give the best to the Argentine National Team, to maintain the ranking after what was the golden generation, through all the history that has been created, there is nothing more beautiful than to grab something that burns, it is in your hands ours, we are going to be prepared “


Che led a total of 30 teams (21 different, repeated five, some on various occasions), from nine different countries. He played 15 finals and won nine, contesting 11 definitions with 11 different teams.

The Bahiense began his career directing professionally in Gigantes de Carolina de Puerto Rico (1989) and, at the age of 25, made his debut in the National League under Estudiantes de Bahía Blanca (1990). At the local level, he won the League with Peñarol de Mar del Plata (1994) and the Super 20 with San Lorenzo (2019).

On the other hand, with clubs he also won the Puerto Rico Professional League with Cangrejeros de Santurce (2000) and the Venezuelan Professional League with Delfines de Caracas (2006) and the Superior Tournament with Trotamundos de Carabobo. In 2011 he repeated with Marinos de Anzoátegui.

Likewise, he was consecrated in the Uruguay Tournament with Biguá (2009), a team with which he achieved the Top 4 of 2008 and the South American. In addition, he also celebrated the League of the Americas with Guaros de Lara (2016).

Meanwhile, at the national team level, he established himself in Venezuela (between 2013 and 2016) obtaining two South American titles (2014 and 2016) and a Pre-Olympic (2015). He also managed Uruguay (2003) and the Dominican Republic (he qualified for the 2019 World Cup and achieved the first qualification for the second phase).

On the other hand, with the Argentine National Team he achieved the South American 2012 and before, as Julio Lamas’ assistant, the Mar del Plata Pre-Olympic.

Nestor Garcia

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Néstor García and the future of the Argentine Basketball National Team