Néstor García was presented at a press conference

In a press conference organized by CAB (Argentine Basketball Confederation), the brand new coach Néstor García spoke with the specialized press after his arrival in the National Team and ESPN.com was present.

The former coach of Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, with past in countless teams around the world, He comes as a replacement for Sergio ‘Oveja’ Hernández, who was on the national team bench for 15 years, both as head coach and assistant to Julio Lamas.

In his introduction, he thanked President Fabián Borro, the Board of Directors of CAB and Pepe Sánchez as representative of the Golden Generation for their arrival.

“I always had the desire and desire to represent my country. Everywhere I was the Argentine Che García and now I am here. It is a great team, we have a basketball valued in the world, so anyone would like to lead this team . Until they called me I did not want to get excited. When Fabián Borro called me I began to feel that the team could be mine. I have been working for this for a long time. I am very happy, I was very excited. It is a very beautiful moment, “he said. “It is a new cycle because Luis (Scola) is no longer there, who was not only the leader but also the team’s top scorer. We have first-rate equipment, players with a lot of international experience. We have an important perimeter, we lack great people, but Argentina has always sought to compete, “he said when asked about Luifa’s retirement, which occurred after the loss to Australia after the Tokyo Olympics.

“At a professional level this is divine for me, it is a total happiness. I directed in nine countries watching different styles of play. This is the fifth team that I integrate. I worked a lot for this and I want to continue working,” he added. “On a personal level I’m fine, always surrounded by my people and with the whole family very happy for what I’m living.”

“Beyond the experience I have had in each country, I add to it what I have experienced in international tournaments, both in America and in the Olympic and World Games. In this new stage we have different combinations: NBA players who were previously in Europe , players currently in the old continent and young people who are coming out and want to show themselves. A lot of windows of possibilities open up. Everything I see that can be assimilated from my previous experiences, we will do it. Once I have the team we can practice now From trial, trial and error we will know what is best for us “.


In recent times, Argentina has stood out for maintaining a continuity of work beyond the leadership. It began with Rubén Magnano, a cycle that had an Olympic gold and a world runner-up among other relevant merits, and which was continued by Sergio Hernández, Julio Lamas, Hernández’s return and now with Néstor García, who was champion as Argentina’s main coach in the 2012 South American.

“The role of the coach in the national team has been very important. The last three followed the same line of work, the same discipline. They have been fundamental to the high level of the team. The best thing we have done in basketball is to have maintained a regularity and that has a lot to do with the work of the previous coaches, “said Che.

After announcing his departure, Oveja, who is a native of Bahía Blanca like the recently arrived García, had words of praise for the new coach.

“With Sergio we met when we were very young. I have enormous respect for him, he is a crack. It is an honor what he talks about and thinks about me. We have faced teams and national teams in finals and they were always great games. We always had respect and respect for each other. honey. What he did as coach of the National Team was spectacular and what he said about me is a very important compliment, “he said.

“I don’t have a measure of where the National Team’s staff stayed after Oveja’s departure. The only one I know is high or low. Argentina always had the high bar and that’s how it was with Hernández. We have to maintain what was done in all these years, especially with the Golden Generation. If we maintain, we will be competing and we will not be afraid of anyone. The correct paths are those that are uphill. The flat path does not exist. “


Towards the qualifying windows for the upcoming World Cup, Argentina is expected to cross regulatory and economic obstacles in order to have all the players available.

“The players of the NBA and the Euroleague, for a matter of rules, will not be able to come. The economic part will influence the calls. And there is also the pandemic. We are going to put together the best team we can and we will make the effort together with the leadership to bring in the players we deem necessary from abroad. The ranking issue is very useful for tournament draws, the windows add points, the Americup also. So, with the parity that exists in the world, all the games are important I am going to go to see many games in Argentina to be able to count on La Liga players who can help us. There is no one from the Golden Generation, so you have to see everyone, “he said.

The key question is how Argentina will play in the near future, considering that Che’s teams in recent years have been characterized by being aggressive, defensive, intense and with a great focus on stationary offense.

“Basketball can be played in many ways. One has to take charge of the game with knowledge and adapt to what one has. No tendency, no player and no coach are above the game. I would like to and we have material to defending very hard, very strong on the perimeter, crashing and being very aggressive with the ball and with the aids. If in attack we can move the ball a lot, with extra passes, something that always identified us, it would be very good. We have to generate from the I play Scola’s points that we missed. We don’t have specialist shooters, so we have to have a good selection of shots to achieve it, “he said. “The game has evolved, especially from the physical. That is decisive. Speed ​​and athleticism generate basketball tendencies,” he completed.

Considering that Argentina has, for years, lacked the inside game for elite tournaments, García did not rule out the chance to nationalize players.

“I have not resolved it, nor have I thought about it. I feel that the Argentine National Team belongs to an elite place and the tendency of many countries has been to nationalize. Top teams have done it, with important names. For now I have not thought about that issue. the moment, it will not be my decision but what we all think will be the best. “


“I would like the National Team to be defined with three very important things: commitment – which I know they have -, focus – to be concentrated and prepared for what needs to be done – and to know that there is no one more important than the National Team. The most important thing is the team. Here it is not about adding but about multiplying. We have to maintain what we have had for years, be regular and then consider the specifications that I have as a coach, “he said. “Regarding communication, you have to be very clear and concise. Young people have other ways of communicating. The attention time is shorter. You have to support them a lot to give them confidence. You have to respect the roots of each player and what each one is”.

Looking ahead, the player who will play the leading role, after the retirement of Luis Scola, is Facundo Campazzo, point guard for the Denver Nuggets.

“I already have everyone’s phone number and I’m going to start calling them little by little. I spoke with Campazzo and it was a divine talk. I already know him before, when we shared the national team in Chaco and we also faced each other in Spain. It was a fantastic conversation” , said.


Che will be in good company: at a press conference he confirmed that he will have a former Golden Generation technical assistant.

“The only person confirmed in my coaching staff is Leo Gutiérrez. He is the only person I spoke with to be part of the staff. All the coaches have their doors open, but this is very recent. He was a player who won everything and gave a lot for the national team and as a coach he did a great job with U16. He has a 100% Argentine DNA. “

A new stage comes to the Argentine National Team: Che García, starting this Thursday, will begin to write his own history.