Che García: ‘We are not afraid to play against anyone’

In life everything comes. Despite the exceptions that the previously written phrase may have, there is no doubt that a Nestor Garcia it fits perfectly. After more than 30 years as basketball coach, Che was made official last Tuesday as coach of the Argentine National Team and has already had his first official press conference, which Ole had access. The 56-year-old from Bahia explained how he will face the challenge of no longer having the Golden Generation after the retirement of Luis Scola. Also: what comes to the future and his experience in national teams such as Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

-Which team do you think you will find yourself with after the retirement of Luis Scola and the image that the Argentine National Team showed at the Tokyo Games?

-We know that it is a new cycle, in which Luis leaves a great legacy as leader and scorer. I understand that we have first-rate equipment because there are players who have international experience. Obviously now we lack big people, but Argentina has sought it out to compete against anyone.

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-In November you will have the first AmeriCup window to qualify for the 2023 World Cup. How do you plan to face it since you will not be able to count on Argentine players in the NBA or Euroleague?

-It’s a matter of rules. What we have talked to Fabian Borro (president of the CAB) is that we are going to form the best team that we canOf course we are going to make every effort to bring in players who are abroad, despite the economic difficulties and the pandemic. In the National League we have players who for this first window can help us a lot. With no one from the Golden Generation left, we will have a new challenge.

Che was champion with clubs in Argentina, Venezuela and Uruguay. (EFE)

Che was champion with clubs in Argentina, Venezuela and Uruguay. (EFE)

-In how much the game that the team has been showing is similar and different with respect to your palate?

-Basketball can be played in many ways and one has to take charge of the game. Within what I like, I see that we have material to defend very hard. As I said before, by not having the scorer, We must generate points from the collective operation because we do not have specialist shooters. I think that’s the way to go.

Scola, the last to retire from the Golden Generation. (AFP)

Scola, the last to retire from the Golden Generation. (AFP)

-Does your analysis include the possibility of nationalizing a player knowing that we lack great people?

-I have not resolved or well thought out. Today the tendency of certain countries is to nationalize to improve their yields. Still, due to the joy that my appointment generated in me, I have not thought about that. The decision will not be mine alone.

“The National Team always had a high bar”

Nestor Garcia

DT of the Argentine National Team

-Would you like them to define your team based on a fierce defense? Were you able to speak with some players from the Argentine squad?

-I would like it to be defined based on three things: in the commitment, in the focus (to be prepared and focused) and in understanding that there is nothing more important than the National Team. As for the players, I have everyone’s phone number and I’m going to start calling them little by little. I spoke with several players from the Golden Generation and also with Facundo Campazzo, with whom I had a spectacular and very nice talk.

-Where do you think the rod was left after Sergio Hernández’s cycle? Is it possible to continue uploading it?

-I don’t really have a measure of the rods. The National Team always had a high bar and we have to try to maintain what was done during all these years. If we can put it higher we will do it but we know that it will be very difficult. We are not afraid to play against anyone because we know that the correct path is the one that goes uphill, not the flat one.

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-What can you transfer to the present of your latest experiences as DT from Puerto Rico and Venezuela?

-Beyond each particular experience, one transfers what he adds from international tournaments. I feel that we can add many things. In this new stage I see different combinations: there are NBA players who have played in Europe, some who are in that continent and young people who are leaving. We will adjust as trial, trial and error.

Who will accompany you in the coaching staff?

Before the consultation of who will be his assistants in the technical staff, Che stated: “The only confirmed person is Leo Gutierrez. As soon as my appointment came out, I called him. “In addition, when asked about what place he can occupy Carlos Delfino He said: “He has supported me a lot and told me that he will be at your service. I am sure that he will be in this process.”