They reveal how Ancelotti motivates James: ‘he’s the most human I’ve ever met’

They reveal how Ancelotti motivates James hes the most human

Carlo Ancelotti left Everton in surprise when Florentino Pérez picked up the phone and offered him a return to Real Madrid. And since then the British club collapsed and has three coaches in 2022 alone, while the Spaniard is the leader of LaLiga and favorite, as always, in the Champions League. The explanation? Abdoulaye Doucoure … Read more

A player from Denmark told why they made a human shield after the collapse of Eriksen

A player from Denmark told why they made a human

The moment when the Denmark players protected Eriksen from the cameras (Reuetrs) One of the moments that was etched in the memory of fans in 2021 was eThe heart attack suffered by the Danish footballer Christian eriksen in a duel between his selected and Finland for the first day of the Eurocup. While the former … Read more

Luis Giraldo Casanova and Alfonso Urquiola more than demonstrated their great human side

Luis Giraldo Casanova and Alfonso Urquiola more than demonstrated their

By Yasel Porto That the people of Pinar del Río Alfonso Urquiola and Luis Giraldo Casanova They were one of the two most transcendental players that Cuban baseball has had is a statement with which hardly anyone would disagree. The sporting merits of both within the field of play were notable enough that beyond the … Read more

The Mavys Álvarez case: members of the former environment of Diego Maradona were denounced for alleged human trafficking


Mavys with Diego on a Cuban beach. There are also Omar Suárez and Mariano Israelit, two of those denounced The scandal unleashed by the statements of Mavys alvarez, the Cuban woman who was Diego Maradona’s girlfriend while he was a minor, already has its first chapter in local justice. This Thursday morning, an NGO called … Read more

‘Business is doing well at the cost of human lives’: Minor league player explodes against MLB

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Getting to MLB is not easy and things only get difficult more when you have a minor league system in which it is systematically exploited to the players in MiLB in order to keep the Major League machinery oiled and continue injecting players at the expense of others under the promise of getting a great … Read more

MLB: Meet the Nats’ new ‘center fielder’ and he’s not human

MLB Meet the Nats new center fielder and hes not

When the Washington Nationals took to the field in the top of the ninth inning in their 7-5 slate loss Monday against the Philadelphia Phillies, a tenth man joined them. Well, something like that. Between entries, a praying mantis climbed on Victor Robles hat. Maybe he knew or maybe no one told him he had … Read more