A player from Denmark told why they made a human shield after the collapse of Eriksen

The moment when the Denmark players protected Eriksen from the cameras (Reuetrs)

One of the moments that was etched in the memory of fans in 2021 was eThe heart attack suffered by the Danish footballer Christian eriksen in a duel between his selected and Finland for the first day of the Eurocup. While the former soccer player of the Inter of Milan, who finds himself without a club, seeks a new destination to continue his career, hopeful with being able to dispute the Qatar World Cup, the archer Kasper schmeichel He talked about what happened that afternoon.

The experienced 35-year-old goalkeeper, son of the legendary Peter schmeichel, was the starter during that duel for the combined Denmark: “We had been looking forward to that day for so long, and it all became very irrelevant very quickly. You could see from the way Christian fell that something was wrong. We were powerless. We were in the same boat as everyone else, we didn’t know more than the others, we only had a front row seat, “he recalled in a statement for the ITV documentary. Kasper Schmeichel – Keeping the Faith.

The footballer of Leicester city was one of those who decided to make a kind of human shield around Eriksen while the doctors assisted him and, later, while they removed him from the field of play. “The last thing we wanted was that picture of Christian on the floor and on world TV. He knew his family was sitting there not too far away and we didn’t want them to see that. I couldn’t look, but I had to see if he was okay. “

Due to the collapse of the soccer player, who regained consciousness on the field of play, before being transferred by ambulance to a nearby hospital, the match was on the verge of being suspended, finally it was decided to wait a couple of hours and resume the match: They said the option was to play now or play the next day in an empty stadium at 12 noon. I just wanted the game to end. I wanted to go see Christian. Christian had woken up and Simon Kjaer and I could do Facetime with him in the tunnel. He told us to go play, which definitely helped, but you could see we weren’t ourselves, we were shocked. We could have still won the game, but it really didn’t matter at all. “

Indeed, when the action was resumed, the lack of concentration of the Danish footballers and Finland took the win 1-0. After that game, the team was able to achieve the necessary results to go to the round and reached the semifinal, when it was eliminated by England, in a controversial outcome.

A few days ago, his own Eriksen spoke about that moment and he said that he saw all the matches of his teammates, although he admitted he regretted not being able to be with them on the field: “As a person, he was happy that (his teammates) got this far, but as a player he wanted to be there. I felt like this was just a little thing. I could walk and I felt like I could run. All he had was a scar, “he said in dialogue with the chain DR1.

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha died in October 2018 in a tragic plane crash (Reuters)
Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha died in October 2018 in a tragic plane crash (Reuters)

Schmeichel also referred to the death of Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, the president of Leicester City, who died on October 28, 2018 when his helicopter crashed meters from the stadium King Power, minutes after the end of a match for his team for the Premier League. The Danish goalkeeper, one of the leaders of the squad, was at the scene when the tragedy occurred.

“It became apparent that something was amiss pretty quickly. I ran out of the stadium and could hear the helicopter landing. I got as close as possible, but the flames in the heat made it impossible to enter. Someone pushed me away. There really was no chance of anyone surviving that. It is a horrible night that will be etched in everyone’s memory forever. “

The helicopter took off from the ground between 8:30 p.m. and 8:45 p.m. local time, but soon after had problems with the tail rotor and crashed in a nearby parking lot. Seconds later a fireball engulfed the aircraft and none of those who were there survived. Model Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, former Miss Universe Thailand 2005, who served as the businessman’s assistant, also died along with the pilot Eric Swaffer, his partner, Izabela Roza Lechowicz, and two other people: Kaveporn Punpare and Nursara Suknamai.


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A player from Denmark told why they made a human shield after the collapse of Eriksen