Ronaldo points to the footballer who should win the Ballon d’Or: “I’ve been saying it for years and they’ve criticized me”

Ronaldo points to the footballer who should win the Ballon

2022-04-12 Ronaldo Nazario It is all an authorized voice to talk about football. The former Brazilian striker reiterated in an interview for Sky Sports, that he will leave complete after the Real Madrid-Chelseawho is your great candidate to win the Ballon d’Or. This is the life of Ronaldo Nazario: owner of two football clubs The … Read more

“I love him, I’ve been watching his performances for a long time and, for me, Benzema is to blame”

I love him Ive been watching his performances for a

Fabien Barthez, exporter for the French national team, gave an interview to L’Équipe in which he spoke about Donnarumma’s match against Real Madrid. Despite giving few interviews in recent years, every time Fabien Barthez, world champion with France in 1998, speaks, his words are usually forceful. This time, the former Manchester United goalkeeper has given … Read more

“The weakest I’ve ever seen”: Alexi Lalas, former US captain, thrashed the Mexican National Team

1648100467 The weakest Ive ever seen Alexi Lalas former US captain

Alexi Lalas attacked the Tricolor for his poor performance (Photo: Instagram/@alexi_lalas) Mexico He is about to start the last series of matches to define his stay in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. United Statescombined with which an old rivalry has been established, will be his first opponent to beat. Although both squads have the same … Read more

They reveal how Ancelotti motivates James: ‘he’s the most human I’ve ever met’

They reveal how Ancelotti motivates James hes the most human

Carlo Ancelotti left Everton in surprise when Florentino Pérez picked up the phone and offered him a return to Real Madrid. And since then the British club collapsed and has three coaches in 2022 alone, while the Spaniard is the leader of LaLiga and favorite, as always, in the Champions League. The explanation? Abdoulaye Doucoure … Read more

He was going to dump the ball and they hit him brutally in the air: “It’s one of the most dangerous plays I’ve ever seen”

He was going to dump the ball and they hit

Clemson’s David Collins hit Duke’s Wendell Moore During the victory of Duke for 82-64 about Clemson there was a play late in the first half that left everyone terrified. David Collinsescort of the Tigersdangerously collided with Wendell Moore Jr. in the middle of a dunk and made him fall in a very spectacular way. The … Read more

Paul Heyman: “Bringing MVP back was the best decision I’ve ever made” | Superfights

1639871885 Paul Heyman Bringing MVP back was the best decision Ive

On the most recent episode of SmackDown, tensions finally came to a head between Roman reigns and his special advisor Paul heyman, when the former questioned the loyalty of his special advisor once more, before Heyman himself indicated that he was protecting the Tribal Chief from Brock Lesnar, with which he got into trouble, since … Read more

Pujols: Miguel Cabrera is the best right-handed hitter I’ve ever seen

Photo Archive Baseball legend and Los Angeles Dodgers player Albert Pujols claimed in an interview that Miguel Cabrera is the best right-hander he has ever seen. In a video published by the sports journalist Marly Rivera, Pujols referred to Miguel Cabrera’s talent and the relationship he has with him: “For me he has been one … Read more

Hope Solo: “I’ve seen Megan Rapinoe intimidate female players into kneeling down”

Hope Solo Ive seen Megan Rapinoe intimidate female players into

USA Women’s National Team The former goalkeeper reloads against the lead Hope Solo lashes out at Megan Rapinoe. Getty Images Megan Rapinoe became the main symbol of the fight for equality in the United States women’s team, in addition to his war with former president, Donald Trump, to whom he replied that because of his … Read more