The Mavys Álvarez case: members of the former environment of Diego Maradona were denounced for alleged human trafficking

Mavys with Diego on a Cuban beach. There are also Omar Suárez and Mariano Israelit, two of those denounced

The scandal unleashed by the statements of Mavys alvarez, the Cuban woman who was Diego Maradona’s girlfriend while he was a minor, already has its first chapter in local justice. This Thursday morning, an NGO called “Foundation for Peace and Climate Change in Argentina”Made a complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office for Trafficking and Exploitation of Persons (Protex) to investigate whether Guillermo Coppola and the rest of the members of the soccer star’s environment at that time incurred the crime of human trafficking by bringing the young woman to the country “Without the consent of their parents”, and “under pressure.”

The seven-page complaint, accessed by this Infobae, formally entered Protex around noon, which is commanded by prosecutors Alejandra Mengano and Marcelo Colombo. In addition to Guillermo Coppola, they are also mentioned in the file other collaborators who were with Diego in Cuba: Carlos Ferro Viera, Omar Suarez, Gabriel Buono, and Mariano Israelit.

The text of the complaint, which takes verbatim paragraphs from the article published by Infobae where the story was released, begins with a brief summary of how Diego and Mavys would have known each other: “According to the statement of the person who would be a victim of the events, Mavys Álvarez was introduced to the Argentine star by Carlos Ferro Viera (when she was only 16 years old). She was a very shy girl. However, he agreed to the meeting not without putting pressure on the adolescent”.

Meeting between Mavys, Diego and Fidel Castro in Cuba
Meeting between Mavys, Diego and Fidel Castro in Cuba

The signatory on behalf of the foundation is Fernando Miguez. A man known in court for his multiple lawsuits in all kinds of cases from corruption to common crimes.

In the rest of the writing, it speaks of “aberrant amoral situation that describes the typical unlawful and culpable maneuvers”When referring to the way in which Diego’s environment linked him with the Cuban adolescent.

Regarding the specific object of the presentation, which is the trip that Maradona, his environment and Mavys made to Buenos Aires on the occasion of Diego’s tribute party in November 2001, it is assured that “tAnta was the soccer player’s obsession with the minor, who asked Fidel Castro for permission to bring Mavys to Argentina. After hearing Maradona’s pleas, the commander agreed to sign a permit for the teenager to travel to Argentina, on the condition that return to the island after no more than 20 days”.

It should be clarified that the Cubans they were prohibited from leaving the island without express special authorization and with a “compelling” reason.

Guillermo Coppola is another of those named in the complaint
Guillermo Coppola is another of those named in the complaint

In the note of Infobae where the details of the relationship were made known, it is also added that Diego “He thought of taking her in a suitcase to which he had sent to make the necessary holes so that the young woman could breathe”.

Finally, the complaint clarifies that the minor’s trip was made “without parental authorization“And that during his stay in Buenos Aires, even,”underwent cosmetic breast surgery at the urging of Maradona. All this, with the apparent collaboration of some and / or all of those accused here ”.

However, they are regarding the trip, which is where the accusation is centered to talk about human trafficking, Mavys herself clarifies that her mother did sign for her to leave the country, although not her father. In the interview he gave a few days ago to the America channel in the United States, he pointed out that only that signature was enough and it was not necessary for his father to do it as well, although she I was 17 years old. “Fidel gave his authorization and no other signature was required”, He acknowledged.

Mavys Álvarez during the interview she gave in the United States
Mavys Álvarez during the interview she gave in the United States

In that same interview, Álvarez recounted his entry into drugs at the hands of Maradona: “Diego took me to drugs when I was 16 years old, I had not turned 17. On several occasions he tried, we were in the room and he insisted … At first no, at first he told me that, if I touched him, he would kill me and all that. But after a while yes, he kind of felt lonely and he didn’t like doing it alone. So, he insisted a lot, a lot, a lot … Every day. Until there was a point where yes, I tried it as long as it left me alone ”.

In the petition requests, the prosecutors are asked to stop immediately to all those mentioned. According to sources from the Protex, The complaint will be analyzed in the next few hours to determine if it is processed.