EXCLUSIVELY: Cuban star baseball player denounced identity theft

EXCLUSIVELY Cuban star baseball player denounced identity theft

By Yasel Porto Lately, the cases of people usurping personal accounts on the different social platforms on the Internet have grown considerably, with the aim of defrauding the friends of their original owners. Several of my friends have suffered these hacks and most of the time there has been nothing to regret, but there are … Read more

Yasiel Puig denounced that MLB teams are against him: “They don’t want to give us another chance” [VIDEO]

Yasiel Puig denounced that MLB teams are against him They

Puig is currently playing in the Winter LIDOM with the intention of returning to MLB in 2022. Photo: Jamie Squire / Getty Images The controversial Cuban player Yasiel puig has made clear his intention to return to MLB by 2022, however recently in an exclusive interview with the Cuban medium Pelota, hinted that there is … Read more

The story of Bianca Tedesco, the basketball referee who denounced her boss for sexual harassment: “There is a system that is managed with a lot of harassment and that hurts”


Bianca Tedesco is the basketball referee who denounced her boss, Sebastián Moncloba, for sexual harassment It was April 2021 and Bianca tedesco, a basketball referee, had not received any appointment to direct games for more than a month. His state of despair was total. Added to the economic issue was an even more serious one: … Read more

Players of the Venezuelan women’s soccer team denounced their former coach for abuse


Kenneth Zseremeta was coach of the Venezuelan women’s soccer team (Getty Images) Soccer in Venezuela cannot get out of the impact: several players denounced the coach Kenneth Zseremeta for “physical, psychological and sexual abuse”. Deyna Castellanos, Lourdes Moreno, Gabriela García, among other representatives of the Vinotinto team made public a letter in which they disclosed … Read more

The Mavys Álvarez case: members of the former environment of Diego Maradona were denounced for alleged human trafficking


Mavys with Diego on a Cuban beach. There are also Omar Suárez and Mariano Israelit, two of those denounced The scandal unleashed by the statements of Mavys alvarez, the Cuban woman who was Diego Maradona’s girlfriend while he was a minor, already has its first chapter in local justice. This Thursday morning, an NGO called … Read more

A basketball judge denounced sexual harassment and decided to stop refereeing – El Liberal


09/05/2021 – 06:51 Sports A serious complaint went viral in the last hours on social networks, after the basketball judge Bianca tedesco state its decision to leave the arbitration after having suffered sexual harassment and harassment. This was expressed in his personal Facebook and Instagram accounts where, through an extensive download, he communicated his determination. … Read more

Guillermo Lasso denounced ‘corruption’ in a loan granted by a state bank to an Ecuadorian soccer club | National Championship | sports

Guillermo Lasso denounced corruption in a loan granted by a

The President of the Republic asserts that the securities must be paid, since it was financed with “money from all Ecuadorians.” August 11, 2021 – 11:18 am The President of the Republic of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, revealed on Tuesday night that there was an “act of corruption” in the loan granted by a state bank … Read more

Daniel Angelici responded to Riquelme: he denounced mismanagement by the Soccer Council and assured that Tevez left because he did not feel content in Boca

Daniel Angelici responded to Riquelme he denounced mismanagement by the

Daniel Angelici, former president of Boca Juniors (Photo by JUAN MABROMATA / AFP) After explosive statements by Juan Román Riquelme from last week, it was the turn of Daniel Angelici’s answer, the former president of Boca Juniors. The Tano aimed at the idol xeneize and accused him of mismanagement in the Council of Football, both … Read more