Kolton Miller finds his niche as the ‘old guy’ in the Las Vegas Raiders lineup

Kolton Miller finds his niche as the old guy in

HENDERSON — Kolton Miller was more animated than usual, gesticulating exaggeratedly as he spoke as he described the blank start of las vegas raiders with a new set of coaches and his status as a four-year veteran of the NFL. The youngsters on the offensive line, said the left tackle of the raiders As he … Read more

Guardiola finds out about the departure of a player in the middle of a press conference!

1649777048 Guardiola finds out about the departure of a player in

“I didn’t know. It’s new news, really. Let’s see what happens at the end of the season,” said a surprised Pep Guardiola when a journalist reminded him, at the press conference prior to the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League than the Manchester City that he will dispute tomorrow at the Wanda, … Read more

Camavinga finds its place

1646574082 Camavinga finds its place

Casemiro still does not have a replacement, but Camavinga seems to have found his place. Against the Royal Society, Ancelotti opted for the French international, to the detriment of Isco or Ceballos, to cover the loss of Kroos and in the absence of Valverdeusual first spare part when one of the three of the ‘Holy … Read more

Reinier finds a way out

Reinier Jesús made a strong bet when he chose Borussia Dortmund to shape his football development. The agreement between Madrid and the borussen it was for two years, as a loan, but the roadmap is far from following the desired lines. If the past year hardly had opportunities, the pattern has not changed in the … Read more

Vinicius finds the way

Vinicius He has found his way to the goal at the start of the 2021-22 season and does not want to get lost in the jungle of inaccuracies again and rebounding goals in which he lived his first three courses as a madridista. The Brazilian has started the course as a substitute, surpassed in the … Read more

James finds a way out

James finds a way out

In a year, the football life of James Rodríguez has turned into a true roller coaster. It all started with his arrival at Everton from Madrid. Endorsed by Carlo Ancelotti, he started the course fired, being one of the best players in the Premier in a surprising team toffee who even led the competition. Little … Read more

Without Lionel Messi until January? Barcelona finds it difficult to register

Without Lionel Messi until January Barcelona finds it difficult to

Barcelona has run into a major obstacle in its efforts to reduce the wage bill, and it is not making it easy to make room to register its new signings and Lionel Messi’s new contract, according to different sources. The club must reduce its expenses to ensure it meets the limits stipulated by La Liga … Read more