Vinicius, ignored by Tite

Vinicius’ balloon in this 2021-22 season, which had started very inflated and flying high thanks to his five goals in the first five days of LaLiga, He had already been losing steam in recent weeks and has finished playing in his call with Brazil, where not only is he not having the leading role he … Read more

Vinicius, the dribble of Europe

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If there is one characteristic in which Vinicius is a master, it is dribbling and this season he is more inspired than ever. The Brazilian, spurred on by Ancelotti’s playful and offensive style of play, is being able to make the most of his situations against one or two rivals on the right wing. In … Read more

Vinicius gets dark


Vinicius Junior He seems to have used up all the effectiveness he showed during the first games of the season. He has not seen the door since the Valencia game, four games in which the team has missed what is still its second highest goals of the season with five goals. A flashback of a … Read more

Un cohete llamado Vinicius


Actualizado 23/09/2021 – 21:05 Los datos le sonren a Vinicius, que lleva una temporada en la que las estadsticas son una fuente inagotable de buenas noticias. Es una consecuencia del gran momento de forma por el que atraviesa el brasileo, la gran sensacin del conjunto blanco en los primeros compases de la competicin. En apenas … Read more

The fan expelled for celebrating with Vinicius: “I would do it again”

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MADRID – Gabriel had not been to the Santiago Bernabéu for two years. With the help of his friend Íñigo, who is a Real Madrid member, he got a ticket and was able to go, 560 days later, to see his soul team: “I am not a paid member, but I am a Madridista, which … Read more

Entrevista a Vinicius: “Yo sabía que los goles acabarían llegando”


EI Bernabéu fue una fiesta en su regreso, 560 días después. La afición vibró con Vinicius, autor de un golazo y una actuación formidable. El brasileño está en el mejor momento, personal y futbolístico, de su carrera profesional, y lo analiza en una entrevista para AS. -La que ha liado usted con su exhibición ante … Read more

Vinicius commits Hazard

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Hazard or Vinicius; Vinicius or Hazard. To this day and until Camavinga sits in the squad and disputes a position in the center of the field, Belgians and Brazilians represent Ancelotti’s main dilemma in the face of the starting eleven. Hazard, in addition, one of the players who is on target due to his poor … Read more

Vinicius finds the way

Vinicius He has found his way to the goal at the start of the 2021-22 season and does not want to get lost in the jungle of inaccuracies again and rebounding goals in which he lived his first three courses as a madridista. The Brazilian has started the course as a substitute, surpassed in the … Read more

Vinicius breaks the deck

Vinicius lived one of his most spectacular nights at Madrid. With him came the revolution to a team that fell incomprehensibly in the first minutes of the second half when they had the game controlled on the scoreboard and on the field after a great first half. Vincius, with Rodrygo and Asensio, came to the … Read more