Vinicius, from the beach to the battle

It was a little over 20 minutes after 4:00 p.m. when Vinicius Junior (21 years old) entered the Valdebebas facilities yesterday to start preparing for the intense 16 days ahead for Madrid. Just over two weeks in which the future of the two competitions in which he is still immersed will practically be played out: … Read more

Peru loses the first battle

Seeing the forest and not the tree has to become the mantra of this Peruvian team, who know that everything is about to be resolved and, above all, that they have the future in their hands. Peru fell in Montevideo but did not leave defeated: the prize is too close to spend too much time … Read more

Cristiano-Rangnick battle: there is already a definitive winner

On February 14, As revealed the bad relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo and coach Ralf Rangnick. Said information also indicated that the heavyweights of the Manchester United squad considered that the German did not have the level to lead the English club. Well, after being eliminated from the Champions League, against Atlético, United officials believe they … Read more

Sergio Ramos loses his battle in court with Fran Rivera

ANDhe Supreme Court (TS) has given the reason to the bullfighter Frank Rivera in a litigation that keeps from 2013 with the Pars Saint Germain footballer Sergio Ramosafter the award to a company of the diestro the management of a gourmet market in Seville against which the player appealed when considering that It was not … Read more

Sedona Prince and his battle to change basketball: his viral TikTok promotes gender equality

Related news the basketball player Sedona Prince has revolutionized United States and in particular the NCAA. And she has done it practically unintentionally. It all started with a video that she published on her social networks denouncing, in a kind and measured tone, the inequality suffered by women also in the sport of basketball at … Read more

Ladies Fishing Contest, basketball, archers battle and TC Mouras with the participation of the reconquered pilot Gaspar Chansard. The sports agenda to enjoy Sunday

Municipal Basketball Tournament. On Sunday, March 13, at Club Atlético Adelante and Club Platense Porvenir, the fourth date of the regular phase organized by the Undersecretary of Sports continues to be played. Sunday program at the Platense court: – 5:00 p.m. There is a team vs. Legion. – 6:30 p.m. Flavors vs. University students. Free: … Read more

Scandal in college basketball: a former NBA champion hit the rival coach and sparked a pitched battle

A former NBA hit a coach and sparked a pitched battle in the NCAA The college basketball (NCAA) was again involved in a scandal after what happened at the end of the game between the University of Michigan and University of Wisconsinin which John Howard, former NBA champion and now coach of the first institution, … Read more

THE BEST EXAMPLE: Player of Industriales won a battle to the death to nothing to lose everything

By Yasel Porto Constantly there have been many news and stories of fatal tragedies that I have had to echo. And it has happened, among other things, because in many cases they have been little-known figures who at least deserve that posthumous tribute as the last moment to talk about them with prominence. But now … Read more

Battle in Los Angeles; Two different ways of fighting are presented

MEXICO CITY. In a city of contrasts, where the glitter and glamor of Hollywood overshadows several of the most vulnerable areas of the United States, the 2021 season ends, baptized as “the greatest of all” for its 23-week duration. Like Los Angeles, Super Bowl LVI features two sides that are different on the surface, but … Read more

Super Bowl 2022, a battle between youth and experience

The Super Bowl LVI this Sunday February 13 between Los Angeles and Cincinnati (from 18:30 in Ecuador) will face two squads that contrast due to the seniority of the star players of the rams and the youth of the protagonists of the Bengals. The age difference is marked from the quarterbacks. Rams quarterback matthew staffordfrom … Read more