NFL: Reasons not to miss Week 7 games

The Week 7 of the NFL started last Thursday with the tight victory of the beaten Cleveland browns, 17-14 on the Denver Broncos, in a duel marked by multiple absences due to injury. The action continues this Sunday with duels that promise to be just as exciting and there are even tough tests for teams … Read more

Las conclusiones en la NFL tras el “Monday Night Football” de la Semana 6

La Semana 6 de la temporada 2021 de la NFL tuvo una victoria contundente de los Baltimore Ravens, que apalearon a Los Angeles Chargers en un esperado duelo entre contendientes de la AFC. Los Angeles Rams e Indianapolis Colts también tuvieron días estupendos, con Matthew Stafford, Carson Wentz, Cooper Kupp y Jonathan Taylor registrando grandes … Read more

Los Power Rankings de la NFL, al término de la Semana 6

Después de seis fechas de temporada regular, volvemos a repasar el orden jerárquico de los 32 clubes de la National Football League Superamos la marca de la Semana 6 de la temporada regular, y aunque cada vez están más definidos los polos extremos de nuestro listado semanal la parte media de nuestros Power Rankings de … Read more

Las conclusiones en la NFL tras el “Monday Night Football” de la Semana 5

La Semana 5 de la temporada 2021 de la NFL contó con algunos finales emocionantes el domingo, incluyendo un dramático partido en tiempo extra entre los Packers y Cincinnati Bengals. Luego de fallar cinco goles de campo entre ambos equipos, el pateador de Green Bay, Mason Crosby, finalmente conectó la patada de la victoria. Y … Read more

NFL: Reasons not to miss Week 6 games

The Week 6 of the NFL kicked off last Thursday with the victory of the defending champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 28-22, on the Philadelphia Eagles, in a duel that ended up being tighter than expected. The action continues this sunday with duels that promise to be just as exciting and there are even hard tests … Read more

How to watch Denver Broncos vs. Las Vegas Raiders: Forecast, date, time and TV channel to watch LIVE ONLINE Week 6 of the NFL 2021

NFL Denver Broncos will face the Las Vegas Raiders in a match corresponding to Week 6 of the NFL 2021. Find out all the details of the match: Forecast, date, time and TV channel to watch LIVE ONLINE. By Leonel david October 16, 2021 06:05 PM EDT NFL© Getty ImagesDenver Broncos will play the Las … Read more

Facts you should know about the rest of Week 6

Remember that the NFL is on Star +. Subscribe here and follow your favorite team After 5 Weeks, 19 games have been defined in the last minute of regular time or in overtime. That figure is the highest in history in a campaign after 5 weeks. The 2nd will be played. and last game in … Read more

Jon Gruden’s world falls apart after leaving Las Vegas Raiders over racist sayings

NFL After confirming his departure from the technical direction of the Nevada franchise, the coach has begun to lose many ties that he had during his time in the NFL. By Alfonso Zuniga October 13, 2021 10:18 AM EDT NFL© Getty ImagesJon Gruden, former Las Vegas Raiders coach From one moment to the next, almost … Read more

The NFL Power Rankings, at the end of Week 5


After five matches played by team, we go back to review the hierarchical order of the 32 clubs of the National Football League Concluded the Week 5 of action in the 2021 regular campaign, this is how the list of the hierarchy order of the NFL, according to You can enjoy the NFL on … Read more

BOMB! Jon Gruden is no longer coach of the Las Vegas Raiders

NFL After mails from Jon Gruden came to light where he wrote racist, misogynistic and homophobic comments, the Las Vegas Raiders decided to part ways with the coach in the middle of the 2021 NFL season. By Martin Wizenberg October 11, 2021 09:51 PM EDT NFL© Getty ImagesJon Gruden. Las vegas raiders came from having … Read more