What you need to know about Week 7 in the NFL

What you need to know about Week 7 in the

The most relevant data for Week 7 of the NFL; information that does not get in the way and rather helps for the fantasy or the bet This week the Bills, Rams, Eagles & Vikings rest. Neither of the two teams that played in the previous Super Bowl (Bengals & Rams), have a winning record … Read more

Cardinals trade for Robbie Anderson after Marquise Brown injured

Cardinals trade for Robbie Anderson after Marquise Brown injured

Arizona negotiated with the Panthers to receive the wide receiver, who on Sunday had a heated argument on the bench with a coach and was sent to the locker room The arizona cardinals acquired wide receiver Robert Anderson this Monday, a day after wide receiver Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown suffered a foot injury That could end … Read more

PJ Walker will be the Panthers’ starting quarterback

PJ Walker will be the Panthers starting quarterback

The backup quarterback will fill in for the injured Baker Mayfield; Sam Darnold is still not back from his injury PJ Walker will be the quarterback headline of the Carolina Panthers on Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams, but interim head coach Steve Wilks hopes Baker Mayfield be available as a substitute. Mayfield he hasn’t … Read more

Guru of the Diagonals: The Dallas Cowboys are for real

Guru of the Diagonals The Dallas Cowboys are for real

MIAMI — With emotion running high after completely shutting out the Rams and improving their record to 4-1, Dallas Cowboys defensive star Micah Parsons emphatically outlined three words: “We are for real!” Yes they are Micah, yes they are. Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons (11) waves to fans after his team’s 22-10 win over the … Read more

What you need to know about Week 5 in the NFL

What you need to know about Week 5 in the

The best statistical information from each matchup, valuable for fantasy or parlay betting in Week 5 The Texans are the only team that hasn’t won this season (0-3-1 is their mark). Only 8 of the 32 teams have a winning record after the first 4 weeks. They have met 54 times in the regular season … Read more

Baker Mayfield will continue to be the starter; Sam Darnold is not ready

1665242232 Baker Mayfield will continue to be the starter Sam Darnold

Some believe the Panthers should trade their starting quarterback, however, Darnold will remain on the disabled list. CHARLOTTE, NC — The Carolina Panthers they can only continue with Baker Mayfield as quarterback for the lowest-performing offense in the NFLwith the headline of 2021 Sam Darnold at least a week away from being ready to come … Read more

Eagles: Why Hurts and team shouldn’t be trusted in Arizona

Eagles Why Hurts and team shouldnt be trusted in Arizona

GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) — Through four games, the Philadelphia Eagles are the hottest team in the NFL. The Arizona Cardinals remember days like that, even if they’re fine with their current situation. The Eagles (4-0), the only undefeated team in the league, play in Arizona on Sunday. The Cardinals (2-2) were the last undefeated team … Read more

Week 2 highlights: Tua silences critics; Russell Wilson battles in Denver

1663564752 Week 2 highlights Tua silences critics Russell Wilson battles in

The surprises do not stop at the start of the 2022 NFL season and, in fact, they will continue for the rest of the campaign, although the quota will drop week by week as the 32 teams pick up their respective rhythms and reach (or fall to) their actual level. For now, the New York … Read more

Who is the player coming back from injury who will be key to each NFC South team?

Jul 20, 2022 Raphael Zamorano Close since 2007 he has been an NFL editor and columnist for ESPN’s digital platforms. He previously wrote for sites like KFFL.com and SportsNet.com.mx. follow him by Twitter. We select one player from each club in the sector whose return from physical issues will be critical to success during the … Read more

Grudge against the Cleveland Browns? This says Baker Mayfield

Grudge against the Cleveland Browns This says Baker Mayfield

EFE Agency Carolina / 07.12.2022 19:13:01 The field marshal of the Carolina Panthers of the NFL, Baker Mayfieldaffirmed this Tuesday that he does not hold a grudge against his former team, the Cleveland Browns, although he looks forward to facing him in the 2022 season. “I don’t hold a grudge against the Brownsis a great … Read more