Diagonal Guru: Difference between having a great arm and being a great quarterback

Diagonal Guru Difference between having a great arm and being

MIAMI — There’s a difference between having a great arm and being a great quarterback. It is normal that we fall in love with measurables, because those passes that leave you speechless are enough to keep us waiting for more. And they’re also enough to make any head coach think that if he does his … Read more

Diagonal Guru: Most Unlikely Season Ever?

Diagonal Guru Most Unlikely Season Ever

MIAMI — Not even the most optimistic saw it coming. The signs were clear. They traded their starting quarterback Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos. They released the linebacker and future Hall of Famer, Bobby Wagner. The Seattle Seahawks were flush with draft capital, and they were betting on youth and the future. A year … Read more

Guru of the Diagonals: The Dallas Cowboys are for real

Guru of the Diagonals The Dallas Cowboys are for real

MIAMI — With emotion running high after completely shutting out the Rams and improving their record to 4-1, Dallas Cowboys defensive star Micah Parsons emphatically outlined three words: “We are for real!” Yes they are Micah, yes they are. Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons (11) waves to fans after his team’s 22-10 win over the … Read more

OKC to hire ‘shooting guru’ Chip Engelland

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The Oklahoma City Thunder will hire Chip Engelland, considered an NBA shooting master, as an assistant coach, sources told ESPN on Wednesday. Engelland comes to the Thunder after 17 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs, where he was significantly credited with developing young players like Kawhi LeonardTony Parker and Dejounte Murrayand even veterans like Richard … Read more

Diagonals guru: Ben Roethlisberger says goodbye to Pittsburgh

Diagonals guru Ben Roethlisberger says goodbye to Pittsburgh

MIAMI – Romanticism and happy endings are still alive in sports. The NFL, like the rest of the leagues, is first a business and then an entertainment later and for that reason, among other things, it has been increasingly difficult to see a quarterback start and end his career with the same team . It … Read more

Diagonals Guru: The NFL is headed in a dangerous direction

MIAMI – I still remember the tutorials that the NFL showed in Latin America as if it were yesterday. In a snippet of one of them, one of my favorite players from my childhood, Denver Broncos safety Steve Atwater, would suddenly appear on the screen flying horizontally to deliver a tremendous blow to an opposing … Read more

Diagonals Guru: In times of crisis you see true character

MIAMI – In times of crisis, you see the true character of the people. When victories pile up, we all hold hands and sing in unison, but when adversity hits you, few individuals can hold fast to its principles. Historically, talent surpasses everything in the NFL. There are plenty of examples and there are endless … Read more

Diagonals Guru: Time Heals Wounds in Green Bay

MIAMI – Time heals wounds. At least that seems to be what is happening with the Green Bay Packers. Although perhaps we should change the saying to, “Victories make you forget temporarily.” Let’s start by saying that the Packers’ win last Thursday against the then-undefeated Arizona Cardinals, given the circumstances, is one of the best … Read more